Massive GTA6 Footage Leak Just Dropped

Massive GTA6 Footage Leak Just Dropped
Last night Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked on Twitter. Over 90 individual glips of gameplay were released and it has sent the internet ablaze.

The leaks reportedly got posted to GTA forums by teapotuberhacker. The only reason I revealed their username is that they are now asking for Rockstar and Take 2 employees to contact him to "negotiate a deal." I am sure they would LOVE to have a talk with you. 

Jason Schreier of Bloomberg has confirmed with multiple sources from Rockstar that the leaked footage is indeed gameplay, calling it, “one of the biggest leaks in video game history, and a nightmare for rockstar games.” Still, even without that prior knowledge, it seemed pretty reasonable just from the sheer quantity of locations, characters, dialogue, and animations. It seemed way too professional to be a fake. There were plenty of details that also basically confirmed it from the info we already knew. Like how the 2 main characters were going to be a “Bonnie and Clyde” duo, and it was going to take place in Vice City, the GTA equivalent to Miami, Florida. And from the looks of the skies, weather, and palm trees, it is definitely giving Rockstar levels of detail to the open world. 
The game is clearly in early *early* development, but there is still a lot to chew on in these leaks. One of the biggest clips getting passed around on Twitter last night was of the female protagonist and her partner holding hostages in a restaurant, Pulp Fiction style. The NPC models are 100% placeholders and we can hear the dialogue between our main characters and the hostages.  We also get a presentation for some of the clothes and ragdoll physics which look just like GTA 5 but with higher res textures and lighting.
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This is undeniably one of the worst things that can happen to a game, especially for a franchise as big as Grand Theft Auto. Last of us Part 2 director Neil Druckman took to Twitter to offer condolences, as he knows the pain of working years on a game, only for the hype and anticipation to be ruined by one leaker. 

"To my fellow devs out there affected by the latest leak, know that while it feels overwhelming right now, it’ll pass. One day we’ll be playing your game, appreciating your craft, and the leaks will be relegated to a footnote on a Wikipedia page. Keep pushing. Keep making art. "

While it is easy to tell that this development footage is clearly unfinished, there are already people online saying that it looks like trash. However, since we know we aren't getting this game for at least another 2 years, this progress is fine and is about exactly where I would expect them to be in their development.

Rockstar is yet to make a statement regarding the leaks. 
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