New Unreal 5 Game 'Squirrel With a Gun' Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

New Unreal 5 Game 'Squirrel With a Gun' Is Exactly What It Sounds Like
Created in Unreal Engine 5, comes the game that everyone has subconsciously been waiting for. The Steam page description only reads “Squirrel with a gun! What crimes will it commit?” Beautiful description, if I do say so myself. This game will truly be the next GTA 5 for sure.

Creator Dan Deentremont has been posting clips from his 3rd-person squirrel shooter on Twitter, where it seems you can terrorize unsuspecting humans as the cutest rodent. And it's not just a squirrel-sized gun either. This squirrel is picking up a regular-sized handgun, forcing them to stand up straight. The way it runs with the gun in its hand as it swings left to right is something I never knew I wanted to see, but I can die happy now that I have.
It gets better.

To us humans, a gun can only have one purpose. To harm others. Even in self-defense, the main use of a firearm is to harm. But to a squirrel? They use the recoil of their weapon to maneuver up into the air to take out their opposition in ways we feeble humans could never imagine. 

Complete with ragdoll physics and an open world with plenty of NPCs to torture, Squirrel With a Gun looks to give an experience similar to Goat Simulator, but the trailer also gives the impression that there will be individual levels. It's unclear for now, as the game is still in pretty early development, but if this looks interesting to you be sure to wishlist the game on Steam. 
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