Microsoft Says PS4 Twice As Popular As Xbox One

Microsoft Says PS4 Twice As Popular As Xbox One
The debate on the console wars of PlayStation Vs Xbox has been circling around the internet ever since the original Xbox entered the market. Since then, people still like to argue about which multibillion-dollar company has a better box that plays games. The arguments for both are tiring but at the end of the day we do have facts, and they tell us that PlayStation has been selling better.

Microsoft hasn't shared its console sales info since 2015. They don't believe that console sales are the "key metric of success." This is pretty on par with Xbox’s business model since Microsoft has been pushing Game Pass subscriptions instead of just their hardware. While Sony's business model is making exclusive games that can only be played on their hardware.
Legal documents that were recently sent to Brazilian regulators show that the PS4 sold twice as many units compared to the Xbox One during the last console generation. We always knew that PlayStation had more users, but never by this many. 

Last week Sony voiced concerns surrounding Call of Duty now being owned by Xbox, and that it would eventually become an Xbox exclusive. Xbox reassured that the popular game will remain available across all platforms. Now, thanks to these recent documents, it's clear that making Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox would not be profitable in the slightest.

Reports showed that, from 2020 to 2021, Sony led console game distribution with a market share of 50% to 60%.
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