Twitch Streamer Keffals Was Swatted After Fake Email Was Sent to London Police

Twitch Streamer Keffals Was Swatted After Fake Email Was Sent to London Police
Twitch streamer Keffals, most known for her Trans Rights activism and Twitter ratios, was woken to a gun pointed at her face by Ontario Police on August 5th last week. An email impersonating Keffals had been sent to every single city council member in Ontario claiming that she killed her mom, and had an illegal firearm with which she was planning to go to city hall to shoot every cis-gendered person she saw. The email was riddled with grammatical errors and mentioned Keffals real name, Clara Sorrenti, and her dead name. It obviously read like something a troll would write but that didn't stop the cops from taking this seriously and still using her dead name in all of the paperwork. 

“The fact that a fake email led to London police services booking me under my dead name, reveals the prejudice that many police have towards transgender people,” Keffals stated in a  video she posted to her YouTube channel titled “My life is in danger. I need your help”, detailing the entire event. 
Keffals then had all of her and her fiance’s electronics seized to prove that she in fact did not send the emails, rendering them unable to work, stream, and communicate with her audience. She was still considered a suspect in the investigation until just a couple days ago. 

This is a crime known as swatting. Someone online finds your address and then calls the police in your area telling them that you are planning to take out acts of violence, so then police raid your home and point guns at you. It has gotten innocent people killed in the past and should be taken seriously.
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It's a crime that not only can lead to trauma but becomes a prolonged exhausting process since the victim then has to relocate. A GoFundMe started to raise enough money to find a new place, and to hire lawyers to sue the London police department. 

We are a long way from equal rights for trans people who suffer at the hand of this kind of violence every day. This trauma that Keffals endured should also remind you that there are trans people who do not have a platform and a community to help them after targeted hate crimes like this. 

“When I was woken up by police officers and saw the assault rifle pointed at me, I thought I was going to die.”

Links to Keffals GoFundMe, Youtube, and Twitch channels are below if you would like to support her in any way you can. 
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