This New Steam Game Already Has Over 500k Players In Early Access

On May 17th, an indie title called V Rising was released on Steam in early access. The game is a vampire survival game with crafting and base-building elements. On Steam, the game currently has an 87% ‘very positive’ rating and has over 500,000 players. A very impressive milestone and a testament to how polished the game is, considering the lack of marketing. As of May 23rd, the peak concurrent player count has reached 150,645.

The game has drawn similarities to last year’s Valheim, a small viking-themed survival game that similarly grew in popularity by word of mouth alone. The main theme in V Rising is Vampires, but it still has the elements that people love about survival games - namely PvE, PvP, and - according to steam reviews - a really satisfying loot system.
Vampires are IN
Vampires seem to be a popular theme in a lot of games recently. V Rising, Vampire Survivors, and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt have all been released fairly close to one another. Should we expect more vampire-themed games to come in the future?

V Rising is currently in early access on PC for $19.99, and since the release last week there have already been a couple of hotfixes and patches to fix some server issues. It’s a great sign to show that these devs are still working on this game to polish it even further.
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