Youtuber Videogamedunkey Announces New Game Publisher

Youtuber Videogamedunkey Announces New Game Publisher
Videogamedunkey has been one of the most popular gaming channels on YouTube for the better half of a decade. He’s always had a wide range of video topics from goofy videos with friends, reviews, analysis, and sometimes just videos that are meant to be memes. It's impressive how quickly the tone of his content changes from unserious to very well-thought-out video essays where he breaks down games (and sometimes movies).

Yesterday Dunkey uploaded a video titled My Indie Game Publishing Company, talking about his experience and passion for indie projects, and how it has inspired him and his wife, Leah, to create Bigmode (pronounced beeeeeg-mode). Bigmode was made specifically with indie games and developers in mind. Dunkey reassures, “I am not looking for creative control over your games, but I do want to be involved.”
One cool thing about the website is that not only can you submit your game to show off your talent but Dunkey has also called on programmers, level designers, artists, modelers, composers, or anything else a developer team might need to network on their website through the networking tab.
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There has been a lot of support already, but also some skepticism. Twitter user @davemakes voiced their concern:

“lol dunkey starting a publishing company with the ethos ‘i have played so many games I know what makes them good and bad so I will only publish good ones’ about to learn some stuff the hard way.” 

A fair point considering Dunkey hasn’t ever made or published a game, but a sentiment I align with far more is from Gameranx’s Jake Baldino: 

“props to dunkey for venturing into publishing. I don’t agree w/ the ‘I play every game so I know good games’ angle because there’s a LOT more to it all.. but I guess it’s the easiest way to pitch to an audience? Net positive is maybe more good games & he’s not hurting anyone.”

Personally, I don’t think this announcement video was specifically saying that he “knows how to make good games because he knows the difference between good and bad,” and more so just expressing his passion to help creatives achieve their goals. All while seemingly making space for collaboration and networking. Hopefully, Videogamedunkey and his wife know what they’re doing and taking it seriously, but only time will tell. 
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