Bugsnax Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass This April

If you took Pokémon and threw it in a Carl's Jr. blender, you'd probably wind up with something reminiscent of "Bugsnax." The PlayStation exclusive took gamers by storm when it came out as one of the first PS5 games back in 2020. A ton of players had fun collecting food-based animals to complete a myriad of quests, but anyone without a PlayStation was out of luck. Fortunately, those days are over, as "Bugsnax" will soon make its way to Xbox and Nintendo Switch.
Bugsnax Is Here!

"Bugsnax" was highly regarded upon its release. IGN wrote about the game in its review, "With over 100 Bugsnax to discover and catch there’s plenty here to entertain the completionists, alongside those just looking for a well-told six-hour mystery that will keep you guessing until after the credits roll."

Now, more players than ever before can get in on the mystery since “Bugsnax” will be made available on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, and Cloud Gaming. You’ll be catching Baby Cakelegs before you know it as the game’s set to release on the platforms on April 28.

But PlayStation fans will be able to get in on the fun, as well. April 28 just so happens to be the date when the free “Bugsnax” DLC will become available, too. Titled “The Isle of Bigsnax,” the DLC will provide you with a whole new island to explore. Covered in jungle, the island presents new challenges and super-sized Bugsnax for you to tame and catch.

This DLC will be available immediately to anyone who purchases the game on Switch or Xbox. If you’re a PlayStation person, you can download it for free at your leisure. From there, just hit “Continue” on the main menu, and it will take you to the point in the game where you can access the new island.

Will you download "Bugsnax" when it's available on the Switch and Xbox? What do you think of it if you've played it already? 

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