Bungie Unsuccessfully Sues a Cheat Company

AimJunkies is a company that sells cheats and mods to players so that they can gain an advantage over their fellow players. They sell such cheats to over 180 games, including "Elden Ring," "FIFA 22," and "Counter Strike GO," to name a few. Up until recently, they also sold them for "Destiny 2," but recently, those materials have gone offline in addition to other games. This is likely due to a lawsuit filed by Bungie insisting AimJunkies infringed on its copyright. 
The Case Will Go On
In June 2021, Bungie filed a complaint, which entails a lawsuit directed toward AimJunkies and Phoenix Digital, which allegedly created the cheat software, for copyright infringement. The two entities began discussing a settlement option, but AimJunkies then claimed that Bungie later requested the court issue a default judgment. This basically means that Bungie would have been allowed to continue the case without opposition in its way. 

AimJunkies countered by saying that there's no low prohibiting cheating and that it, in fact, had not infringed on the copyright. It appears the court has decided to side with AimJunkies ... at least for now. 

United States District Court Judge Thomas Zilly dismissed Bungie's claim that the "Destiny 2" cheats had infringed on its copyright, stating that Bungie "has not pleaded sufficient facts to plausibly allege that AimJunkies and Phoenix Digital copied constituent elements of Bungie’s Work." 

He went on to add, "Notably, Bungie has not pleaded any facts explaining how the cheat software constitutes an [unauthorized] copy of any of the copyrighted works identified in the complaint. Bungie’s complaint must contain more than a ‘formulaic recitation of the elements of a cause of action.'"

It's worth pointing out that this doesn't mean the issue is resolved. Bungie also claimed that AimJunkies infringed on its trademarks, and Zilly has agreed to hear that case. So the case involving trademark infringement will continue.

What do you think of the lawsuit? Which party do you think is in the right?
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