Diablo Immortal Player Spends $15k on Gem and Destroys It

Diablo Immortal has faced heavy criticism since it first came out on June 2 for its use of microtransactions. One analysis has even found that it would cost upwards of $110,000 to fully max out a post-game character with legendary gems. On top of that, the game utilizes loot boxes, meaning players might spend a ton of money in the game without getting anything noteworthy. And now, one player has let Blizzard Entertainment know exactly how he feels about the whole ordeal.
Quin69 has had a busy few weeks
New Zealand streamer Quin69 has tried getting a 5-star gem since Diablo Immortal first came out. Through the process, he's spent thousands of dollars to get his hands on one.

Then, on one glorious day, he got his first 5-star gem, and all in, it cost him $25,165.57 NZD, which comes out to $15,997 USD. To practically every viewer's astonishment, after he acquired the gem, Quin69 said, "It's over," and uninstalled the game. 

At that point, he realized he forgot to take a screenshot of the item. So he installed it again to "destroy" the gem in protest. He used it to power up a useless 1-star item, destroying the gem once and for all. He told his clan "It was an honor to whale with you." It was at that point he deleted his hero to make sure he couldn't resume the game ever again.

The reason it cost so much to get the 5-star gem is due to the game's labyrinthine acquisition process. You see, you can't simply buy legendary gems. 

Instead, you have to purchase "legendary crests." These are then used during Elder Rift dungeons to allow players to buy runes and gems during Elder Rifts, but the value differs all the time. If that sounds complicated for no reason, welcome to the world of microtransactions!

What do you think of the statement? Are you tired of microtransactions found in games like Diablo Immortal?
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