eSports Owner Wanted For $33M Drug Bust

eSports Owner Wanted For $33M Drug Bust
According to The Daily Tribune, Bernard "Bren" Chong, owner of the Bren Esportss team, has been accused by Filipino authorities for being part of a $33 million USD drug bust in Manila. The source goes on to claim that the National Bureau of Investigation has "launched a manhunt" after Chong was found to be one of the owners of a shipping company that's been accused of attempting to import "shabu," which is the local slang for meth. It happened at the Manila International Container Port in 2019. 
Bren Esports Is Legendary in the Country
Bren Esports Is Legendary in the Country
Bren Esports is a major organization in the country. The team's taken part in everything from League of Legends to Overwatch over the years since the crew's founding in 2017. They've won 34 tournaments across various games, and they've amassed a massive following on social media. 

Chong has a warrant out for his arrest, who's officially been charged with an "illegal drugs offense" under the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act. Joey Moran of the NBI international operations divisions told The Daily Tribune, "Mr. Lu Chong can spare everyone the trouble if he surrenders and faces the charges against him."

Chong is one of the owners of the Fortuneyield Cargo Services Corporation, and he allegedly paid for the freight costs as well as the container deposit for the drugs. This caused the NBI to say, "It would be impossible for these payments of significant amounts to be made without the general manager’s knowledge and acquiescence."

Chong actually took to Twitter to defend himself against the accusations, writing, "Hello Twitter, as some of you may be aware, throughout the last few hours there have been several news articles written about my alleged involvement in a case in my home country, the Philippines. I’m writing this twitter thread to categorically deny these claims that may destroy the good name I have taken cared [sic] of for so many years. 

"Some of you may only know me as a part of the Esports community but in reality I’m a much broader person than just that, I’m an Angel Investor and Entrepreneur. I invest in companies/startups that I believe has great potential or start my own. I invest in people who has great ideas, and more so, to individuals whom I see goodness and great talent."

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