The Forspoken Ad Is Getting Absolutely Roasted

The Forspoken Ad Is Getting Absolutely Roasted
On August 8, Square Enix came out with a trailer for its upcoming game Forspoken. On the surface, it looks like your standard action RPG fare. You play as Frey as you traverse an open world battling all sorts of monsters. Sounds fine, right? But then the trailer itself comes complete with quips upon quips upon quips. And it didn't take long for the entirety of Twitter to roast the game to oblivion.
Forspoken, as Written by Joss Whedon
Forspoken, as Written by Joss Whedon
Everyone seemingly came out of the woodwork to savagely roast Forspoken. For those not in the know, the source of people's ire comes down to the cringeworthy humor on full display, with the lead character saying such charming one-liners as "So let me get this straight. I'm somewhere that's not what I would call 'Earth.' I'm seeing freaking dragons. And ... oh yeah, I'm talking to a cuff!"

It's the exact kind of reaction you would expect out of a character from a Joss Whedon project, and that fact wasn't lost on gamers. One Twitter user, @TheMalesOfGames, wrote, "This dialogue is painful to listen to. It's that Joss Whedon writing, where they seem almost embarrassed by the world they've created, so they have to make fun of the ridiculous of it rather than embrace it."

It also became somewhat of a requisite meme to take other video game characters and put them through the same Forspoken treatment. Take this sample dialogue from @FromHappyRock for a Whedon-esque God of War game: "Who me? Yeah I’m a freakin GOD as it turns out. Shyeah I’m all about that axe life. That handsome devil next to me? Fam, that’s literally my BOY. He can thank me for his good looks AND formative trauma. It’s not easy fighting heCkin VIKINGS. But Honestly? Being a parent ragnaroxx."

While some lighthearted ribbing is to be expected, some people went all in on the Forspoken criticism bandwagon. No one put it more succinctly than @merrittk, "People are saying how the protagonist in Forspoken talks is just how anyone would react to traveling to a magical world and if that's you I think you should be on a f***ing list."

As for the game itself, it may very well turn out fine, assuming the quips are integrated naturally into the gameplay. That remains to be seen, so we'll just have to check it out for ourselves when it comes out sometime in 2023.

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