Other Game Devs Are Sharing Early Development Photos In Solidarity With Rockstar

Other Game Devs Are Sharing Early Development Photos In Solidarity With Rockstar
Over the weekend, Rockstar was hit with a massive leak when dozens of photos and gameplay footage for Grand Theft Auto VI came out. While those in the know may have looked at this leak and thought it was neat to see how the sausage gets made, there was a not insignificant portion of the population that thought the game looked terrible. It's important to point out that the game is still likely several years from being released, so naturally, it looks unready. Now, other developers are standing by Rockstar and sharing their own clips of early production footage of their games.
Don't Panic Yet
Don't Panic Yet
Part of the problem with the leak was a tweet where someone asserted that the first thing completed in a game are the graphics. This is demonstrably not true, and plenty of developers were more than happy to prove the user wrong. 

First up is Paul Ehreth, lead designer for Control. He wrote, "Since graphics are the first thing finished in a video game, and CONTROL won multiple awards for excellence in graphics, here is footage from the beginning of development :)"

He accompanies it with a video showing some early production footage of Control. As expected, it looks nothing like the finished product, and that's the point. Control is widely considered to have some of the best graphics out there in any game, and there was a point in time where it, too, needed some tender love and care. 

Cult of the Lamb took to its Twitter page to get in on the meme, showing what its game looked like early in the run. It looks like a cheap NeoPets knockoff rather than the lovable game about a cult-running lamb we all know and love.

Arguably, the funniest response came from Sam Barlow of Immortality. It's astonishing to see a bunch of gray blobs make up the screen that would eventually become characters. But the team clearly put graphics on the back burner so that they could focus on the combat gameplay and A.I.

Suffice to say, GTA6 is a long ways away, so give the team all the time they need to make the game as pristine as it needs to be. 
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