Godzilla and King Kong Are Coming to COD: Warzone

A new teaser trailer has just dropped for Call of Duty: Warzone's new limited time event, Operation Monarch. The event will bring Godzilla and King Kong to the Call of Duty universe, and it honestly looks pretty epic. If you want to spend a few days battling gigantic monsters with your friends in a PvP mission, Operation Monarch runs from May 11-25.
Kong Rips Through The Map As Players Struggle To Survive
Here's how Operation Monarch will work: during the event, 60-player matches with a Resurgence rule set will be available to players. The goal of a match is to collect Monarch Intel by finding special Supply Boxes, searching enemies, or damaging one of the massive beasts. Players must survive Godzilla's gamma ray blasts or King Kong's...monkey tantrums and be the last one standing to reign victorious.
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Godzilla Is Looming on the Horizon
In addition to the fun of surviving a full-on kaiju attack, players can also win special prizes during the event. For instance, collecting Monarch Intel can unlock special Loadout Drops and Killstreaks. Periodically, the gigantic monsters will go into a Titan Frenzy mode - the player that deals the most damage to them during a Titan Frenzy will temporarily be able to harness the powers of Kong and Godzilla and turn it on their opponents.

The event will also see big changes and rebuilds to a lot of the maps to accommodate two murderous creatures ravaging the countryside.

So are you gonna check out Operation Monarch in a few days?
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