Gotham Knights' City Is HUGE

Gotham Knights has a lot to live up to. People still remember fondly the Arkham Knight series, which is (for the most part) still insanely playable. While there's still much we don't know about the upcoming game, we now have a better idea of what it'll look like. And if executive producer Fleur Marty and director Geoff Ellenor are to be believed, it'll be the biggest version of Gotham we've seen in a video game yet.
Get Ready for a Gotham Like You've Never Seen Before
Whenever a new game comes out that boasts an open-world, the question always turns to precisely how big it is. And according to the duo during an interview with Game Informer, players should be ready to do quite a bit of exploring.

As Ellenor told the publication, "I haven’t put one map over the other, but our Gotham is a big place. I tend to spend a lot of my Zoom calls on the Batcycle driving around Gotham. It is one of the fastest and most chill ways to move around the city. It feels like a big place."

It sounds like gamers should be ready to put in a lot of hours on the Batcycle, as it will be the primary mode of transportation around this scrawling map. There are many ways to get around the city from running to gliding to ghost hopping, but these guys make it sound as though the Batcycle will be essential for seeing everything. 

Marty went on to claim, "For sure it’s the biggest version of Gotham that has been represented in video games."

The real question becomes how much content awaits players within that city. Will it be packed to the brim with engaging side quests, or is it mostly empty? That's what separates a truly great open-world map from a subpar one. 

Gotham Knights will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, and PC on October 25, 2022. 

Does the promise of a massive map entice you further to purchase Gotham Knights?
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