The Growing Issue With "GameStop Daycare"

The Growing Issue With "GameStop Daycare"
Back in the day, parents could drop their kids off at the arcade in the mall when they had to run errands. With arcades largely extinct, the responsibility has fallen on GameStop to babysit people's kids in what's unofficially known as "GameStop Daycare." Yes, people will literally drop their kids off at GameStop to play with the video games out in the open while they shop around. And according to Kotaku, employees have had enough of it.
All That Mario Kart Comes at a Price
All That Mario Kart Comes at a Price
GameStop staff members recently shared their frustrations at the practice on the company's subreddit. Many detested how parents treat the store and how the practice puts additional responsibilities on employees who are already overworked and underpaid. 

One employee shared, "Like, if you’re going to leave your kid somewhere while you shop, then leave them at home with a babysitter. Your kids are not our problem. We already have enough to deal with."

This isn't a new practice either. The subreddit has posts describing the phenomenon dating all the way back to 2016, and we're certain that wasn't the first of it. 

And it might be one thing if kids just played games quietly, allowing the employees to do their actual tasks. But according to one worker, the kids make an absolute mess: "Kids tend to take all the games off the shelf and not put them back, which our games are alphabetical so we have to reorganize after. The plushies get spread all over the store as well. That tends to happen even with the parent present though."

Kids who have been left at stores range in age from six to 12, and it can get downright dangerous. After all, the employees aren't supposed to be babysitters, so if kids leave stores unattended, it's not on the workers to figure out where they went. 

One employee related, "He left the store, which was in a strip mall. Next door was a beauty salon. The mom comes into my store asking where her kid was and I told her that her kid isn’t my responsibility and he walked out five to 10 minutes ago. She tried to blame me for not watching her kid, but I told her we aren’t babysitters, let alone for free."

Some parents may try to find the easy way out and have someone else watch their kids, and it sounds like GameStop employees have had enough. Don't be surprised if you start seeing paper signs on GameStop windows saying how people can't leave their kids unattended in the store. 
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