Guy Drops $6000 In Diablo Immortal For Some Crystals

Diablo Immortal earned reasonable ratings when it first came out in June of 2022. However, one knock against the game that was held universally by gamers from all over was its use of microtransactions. Much like so many mobile games before it, players can spend money for a chance at winning upgrades and crystals. But, then again, they may get nothing. That's something Twitch user Quin69 learned the hard way after spending roughly $6,600 USD on Diablo Immortal only to wind up with nothing to show of his efforts.
The Devil's in the Details
Twitch streamer Quin69 has been putting $25 at a time into Diablo Immortal, all in the hope of getting some sweet gear at some point. But as he recently revealed on one of his streams, he's spent upwards of $6,600 USD on absolutely nothing. 

It's basically like trying to win the lottery or a casino game. Many would assume that after a certain amount of time sinking money into a system that it will begin to pay out. But that's the law of averages for you. And it's precisely what games that rely on microtransactions, like Diablo Immortal, rely on to turn a profit. 

To make matters even worse, Diablo Immortal has a "pity pull" system that's designed to fork over high-quality items after spending a ton of money. But even that system has low odds. Anyone hoping to score a 5-star Legendary Gem would be better off elsewhere. 

And that brings us to the moral of this story. There are ways in the game to get the most valuable of items without spending a ton of money. However, cashing out is certainly the most straightforward way to go about getting items, or at least having a chance at getting them. 

What do you think of the stunt? How much money have you spent on in-game transactions?
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