A Lego Brick Can Now Play Doom

Doom might just be one of the most important video games ever made. The first-person shooter paved the way for numerous others of its ilk, and it's continued to enjoy a long life since its days in the early 1990s. And now, people can play Doom like never before — on a Lego brick.
No Console Gets Out Alive
Doom has become playable on virtually everything under the sun. There's even a Twitter bot that takes people's commands on the social media platform and generates a quick video of the commands happening within the game. 

Numerous other gadgets have proven to be Doom-worthy, as it's also playable on refrigerators, cars, and LCD screens shoved in pregnancy tests. That's right; look it up. 

Now on what's arguably the smallest LCD screen yet, Doom has managed to run on a single Lego brick. In an astonishing bit of trivia, the brick that comprises the Lego element is commonly used as a computer screen, harkening back to the days Doom first came out. 

The development was put together by James Brown, who uploaded a video of the creation on Twitter. You can check it out by going to his Twitter handle, @ancient_james.

The LCD screen provides 72 x 40 resolution, which allows users to barely make out what's happening. And that's only if you squint real carefully. 

It's an impressive bit of engineering, and it just goes to show that wherever there are LCD screens, Doom is certain to follow. 

What do you think of the creation?
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