Major Final Fantasy XVI Update

The Final Fantasy franchise has been on a roll as of late. Final Fantasy XIV became one of the most critically-acclaimed games within its genre. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy VII Remake subverted expectations and became a worthwhile entry into the franchise, providing modern updates on a tried-and-true formula. Now, it seems like the series is looking to carry on that trajectory by making its most mature game to date with Final Fantasy XVI
Final Fantasy XVI To Be the First Game in the Franchise Rated M for Mature
Even though not much is known about the story surrounding Final Fantasy XVI at this point, people are still hyped just from the creative team. This includes producer Naoki Yoshida, who helped salvage FFXIV. He recently did an interview with Gamespot where he discussed bringing the next stage of the franchise to life and what players can expect out of the next installment. 

For starters (and most importantly), the game will be rated M for Mature. It's a massive departure from what gamers have seen out of the series so far, but it sounds as though it's being done with a purpose. 

He told the outlet, "We decided to pursue a mature rating in most of the regions that will be releasing the game. But again, this is not because we simply wanted to make the game more violent or the game more explicit, this is because we felt it was necessary to allow us to explore those more mature themes that the game tackles."

What kind of mature themes will the game explore? The Final Fantasy franchise has always been about more than just fighting and going on quests, and the next entry will continue that trajectory. As Yoshida explained, "One of the main themes explored in Final Fantasy XVI's narrative deals with the inevitable clash of values and ideals when you get multiple different people with different ideals in the same room; what is truly right and what is truly wrong?"

Some of the other tidbits we can glean from the interview include the fact that Clive will be the only playable character. However, players will go really in-depth with him, seeing him throughout different stages of his life from his teens to his 30s.

Additionally, FFXVI won't be an open-world game. However, it will have open zones to create the feel of a larger environment.

Final Fantasy XVI is slated to release at some point in 2023.

What do you think of this? Are you more excited to play the next Final Fantasy game now?
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