New PS5 Pro Controller Is on the Way

Here's a development to keep your eye on. Industry insider Tom Henderson published a report to Try Hard Guides about how new hardware is coming to the PlayStation 5 to be announced later this month. While the updates won't include a new console (as it should seeing as how people still have a hard time merely getting a PS5), it should include updates on a "genuine professional controller." What's all this mean? Keep reading to find out. 
Control Your Destiny!
Sony has already unveiled quite a bit as of late. The company held its State of Play live stream earlier in June where it revealed exciting updates about third-party PlayStation games. It also showcased Horizon Call of the Mountain, coming to PlayStation VR2. 

However, fans may get to sink their teeth into even more goodies in the near future. New hardware is reportedly on the way, including a new controller that will come with removable analogue sticks and grips, back paddles, and trigger stops.

Among all this, buttons will come under the analogue sticks that will allow users to remove the analogue unit completely. This means that if issues were to arise with stick drift, players could simply replace that one piece rather than get an entirely new controller. 

The announcement should come with images of the prototype, which should also come with substantial software upgrades. There's no word yet on when the controller would be available for purchase. 

Will you purchase this new controller once it comes out?
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