Techland Is Hiring For Dying Light 2 Follow-Up Game

Dying Light 2 was released earlier this year in the extremely packed month of February. It received a lot of praise for its parkour and dense open world and was a great evolution of the first game. Developer Techland has continued to work on the game since launch, fixing bugs and working on the upcoming free DLC that is arriving in June.

Earlier today, Techland announced their next project - an open-world fantasy action RPG. They also revealed they are hiring for said project. The hiring push also released some concept art for what the art style would look like. The game will be a ‘fully next-gen experience’ and is also being worked on by former Witcher developers. 

It seems like we won't be hearing about this game again any time soon as it starts getting worked on. Most of Techland's Devs are still supporting Dying Light 2, but some of the people who have already been hired for the project include a couple of CD Projekt Red devs. 

Bartosz Ochman, who previously worked on Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 as Open World Director, along with devs from games like Deathloop and Horizon Zero Dawn are also working on this project.
The Concept Art
The concept art for the title shows off what looks like an ancient decaying temple with waterfalls and vegetation surrounding the space. If this looks anything like the final product, gamers should most likely expect very pretty environments. It is interesting to think about what kind of influence all of the development team will have on this title. 

It's looking like the collaboration on this project will be pulling from plenty of different types of inspiration. Hopefully, Techland can take their time and release another great game.
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