These Peel-Off Ditto Pokemon Cards Are Blowing Peoples' Minds

Ditto has always been one of the more engaging Pokemon. It only has the ability to transform into its opponent, perfectly taking the form of whatever's in front of it. That is, unless of course, you count the Ditto from the original anime that could transform nearly perfectly with the exception being its dots-and-line face. Now, collectors are obsessing over Ditto all over again thanks to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. A new Ditto variation is available, and it will make you want to hit up your local Target to get it as soon as you can.
To Peel Or Not To Peel
Here's the lowdown: the Pokemon Trading Card Game is coming out with a new line of cards inspired by Pokemon Go. The lineup was revealed in March, but it's scheduled to be released to the public starting on July 1. 

Within one of these new packs, you may come across what looks like a standard Pokemon card. However, if you look carefully at the bottom left-hand corner, you may see an image of a Ditto. This means it's a Ditto peel-off card, so you can peel off that top layer to reveal Ditto. 

The announcement of the new line has stated that the Pokemon in front of Ditto can't be used in competitive play, so if you actually want to use the card in battle, you'll have to peel. But it's already caused quite a ruckus among collectors. Namely, there's a debate online raging whether the card will be more valuable with the original Pokemon over Ditto or with solely Ditto. 

If you want to preserve the card in its original state, then it would make sense to leave it unpeeled. You certainly wouldn't want to try to glue the outer layer back onto the card, as that can cause warping. 

One thing's for sure: you'll want to get your hands on these packs as soon as they come out on July 1. 

What do you think of the peel-off cards? Will you leave your Ditto card intact?
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