Sony Is Getting Rid of the Accolades Feature

Sony Is Getting Rid of the Accolades Feature
Did you know the PlayStation 5 had an Accolades feature? If you answered, "Yes," you were one of the few, and you're one of the few who may be disappointed by the following news. Sony has announced via its website that it's discontinuing the feature. 
No One Was Using It
No One Was Using It
Sony's website read, "In fall of 2022, the Accolades feature on PlayStation 5 will no longer be supported. The feature hasn't seen the level of usage we anticipated, so we are refocusing our efforts. We encourage the community to continue to send positive messages to one another."

For the uninitiated, the Accolades feature allowed players to send rewards to fellow players. The idea was to make a rewarding, welcoming feature for people to commend the efforts of teammates and opponents alike. 

Upon the feature's release, it almost felt like an effort to reduce toxic gameplay amongst gamers. While we don't have official numbers on how often it was used, it seems it wasn't worth Sony's efforts to keep it going. 

Accolades weren't the only feature to be included with the PS5. It also came with in-game guides, Cards to show suggested activities, and the power to leap to certain parts of the game. It's unclear how often these features go used and whether Sony will also discontinue them in the near future. 

At this point, it's safe to say gamers just want more PS5s to become available. Despite promised acceleration, PS5s are still hard to come by, and there are rumors Sony will increase the price of the console shortly.

Did you ever use Accolades?
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