Sony Is Committing to Shipping 56% More PS5s This Year

If you still haven't gotten your hands on a coveted PS5, it might get a little easier for you in 2022 - though not by much apparently. Sony recently released their financial report for the Fiscal Year of 2022 (the fiscal year ends in March in Japan) which revealed that they fell 3 million units short of their projected Playstation 5 sales for the year - aiming for 14.8m consoles but only selling 11.5m. They have largely blamed this on lack of inventory, and vow to fix this in 2023 by selling 56% more consoles.
Are You Finally Getting a PS5?
It's no secret that ongoing supply chain issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn across the globe have resulted in a shortage of a lot of components that go into video game console manufacturing - particularly the microchips needed for production. This problem has affected all three of the big console producers. But it seems that Sony has been affected the most, and the infamous lack of availability of PS5s is a meme at this point.

In a statement accompanying their recent FY22 financial report, Sony blames their disappointing sales in 2022 on a component shortage that left them with an inability to meet console demand. In turn, PS5s were being re-sold on eBay well above retail value all throughout 2021. The lack of availability and scalper market for the console has continued to anger many players.

Sony's CFO Hikori Totoki has now said that the company can "comfortably" move about 18 million units in 2023 - 56% more than they were able to in 2022. However, they also acknowledge that this will still probably not be able to meet demand. More consoles will be available this year, but many players will still be unable to get one.

“We feel that there is a little bit higher demand than that, so if the question is if we can meet the demand, I think we’re still short somewhat.

“Regarding our stock and inventory, it still remains very low, so in order to provide our PlayStation units to customers in a timely basis, we’re still behind or short.

“We were originally talking about 22.6 million… This was reduced because of the constraints of components. When it comes to the procurement of components we have not given up on this, we would like to continue to work on this.

“At this point in time, what we can say safely is that we can achieve the necessary components for 18 million units.”

Sony has also experienced a drop in subscribers to their Playstation Plus service as a result of their recent announcement of restructuring the service to fold in Playstation Now and change up the pricing tier structure. So, all in all, it's not great news coming out of the Sony camp. But they've said they're confident in turning these situations around in FY23.

So are you going to try and grab a PS5 now that they might become a little bit more available?
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