Stray Is Absolutely Killing It On Steam

Stray Is Absolutely Killing It On Steam
When you think of video games that overtake the zeitgeist, you probably think of major properties from AAA studios. The likes of God of War and The Last of Us spring to mind. That's what makes it so refreshing when an indie game breaks through the noise and becomes a massive hit, and by multiple metrics, Stray has done precisely that.
Good Kitty
Good Kitty
Thanks to metrics we can glean on Steam, Stray has become the highest user-rated game on the platform for 2022, according to the weighted list Steam250. 

The list assigns Steam games a score based on how many players review it and whether those scores are positive or negative. Stray currently holds a score of 8.61 based on over 42,000 votes where 98% of them are positive. This pushes down God of War to second place, where it has a score of 8.56 based on over 53,000 votes where 97% are positive. 

While Stray holds the top spot for 2022, it still has a ways to go to claim the all-time position. It's currently holding steady at number 49. The top spot's held by Portal 2, which has a rating of 8.83 based on over 300,000 votes where 99% are positive. This is followed by Terraria, Stardew Valley, Hades, and People Playground

It's good news for the folks over at Annapurna, seeing how the game is one of the best reviewed out of the studio. IGN had this to say, "Stray is a delightful adventure in a dark but endearingly hopeful cyberpunk world, and that’s thanks in no small part to the fact that you are playing as an adorable cat the whole time."

We suppose you could say Stray is the cat's meow. 

Have you started playing Stray yet?
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