You Can No Longer Membership Stack with PS Now/Plus

Sony and PlayStation are about to embark on a new path of gaming subscriptions with its oncoming three-tier system. Gamers will soon be able to sign up for PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, or PlayStation Plus Premium at $10, $15, and $18 a month, respectively. All kinds of goodies are available at each tier to give gamers more ways to play, and it seems as though some crafty people out there wanted to get in at lower membership prices ahead of the tiers' launch in June. However, Sony is one step ahead as always and has circumvented people getting discounts.
Sorry, Gamers
A bit of a hack came out not too long ago for gamers to get access to the highest-priced tier — PlayStation Plus Premium — ahead of the launch. You see, gamers with subscriptions to either PS Plus or PS Now would be automatically rolled over to Plus Premium for the duration of their subscription, depending on which one is longest. 

Essentially, gamers have been quick to stack subscriptions so that they could be locked into the highest-priced tier for a reduced cost. Of course, PlayStation wasn't going to let a loophole like that slide, and as of this writing, it's been reported that players who attempt to sign up for a membership with either one, using prepaid PS Plus or PS Now cards, receive an error message. 

PushSquare can confirm the findings, as they received the following message from Sony Support:

"I have checked the voucher and your account and can conclude that as of now there is a temporarily deactivated function for PS Plus/PS Now subscriptions which does not allow for stacking of either membership on already active memberships."

The free ride's over. It was good while it lasted.

Will you sign up for a PlayStation Plus subscription when it launches in June?
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