Agent 64 Announcement and Demo Review

Agent 64 Announcement and Demo Review
Agent 64: Spies Never Die is a retro throwback to the GoldenEye era of First-person shooters on the N64. It currently has a demo available on steam, so I thought why not try it out and review the experience so far.

Anyone familiar with the N64 classic, GoldenEye, will immediately notice the homage being paid. And we're not just talking about the low-resolution textures plastered on low poly 3D models. Almost all objects explode if you shoot them enough, the gameplay consists of finding key cards to unlock doors, and the shooting is de-emphasized. This means you only need to shoot in your enemy’s general direction, and the gun will do the rest for you.
If you go back and play the original GoldenEye with a Nintendo 64 Controller it is objectively a little rough, especially compared with how FPSs have changed in the last 25 years. Having to aim with the N64 Controller is a nightmare. It's great to now have a new GoldenEye-inspired game with the same spirit and essence, but with keyboard and mouse controls. In fact, the controls themselves are smooth as hell. The gun sound effects are satisfying and make shooting all that more fun. 

The game is currently in early access, and the creator has made a statement on the game's Steam page: “I will add new story missions as often as I can manage. Like an episodic game. I would appreciate your support as I progressively add more content and polish to this project.”

They are planning for a 2022 release, so if you would like to demo the game before it comes out you can do so. If you enjoyed it be sure to wishlist the game, as it is a small way to help indie developers on Steam. 
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