Genshin Impact Leans Conservatively

The free-to-play phenomenon Genshin Impact might be leaning a bit more conservative. The developers miHoYo, based out of Shanghai, announced they will be releasing some more “prude” outfits for four of the game’s characters.  
Which Characters are Affected?
Announced in this tweet, the alternate outfits will be “partial redesigns of the default outfits of "Dandelion Knight" Jean, "Gliding Champion" Amber, "Thorny Benevolence" Rosaria, and "Astral Reflection" Mona.”
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Why is this happening?
According to a fan translation of the original miHoYo post, the changes are coming “ in order to comply with relevant regulation”, likely meaning that there may have been some pressure from the Chinese government. These changes have been edited out of the original post, but you can check out the fan translation on Genshin Impact’s subreddit post here.
Which Players are Affected?
So far, it seems that the changes will only affect mainland Chinese players, although the new outfits will be made available as alternatives for players in the rest of the world some time soon.

The developers miHoYo also announced that players on Chinese servers will get compensation in the form of 1200 Primogems, as they will no longer be able to access these outfits. 

China's broad gaming regulations
China has been moving towards stronger regulations on video game content since last year, when the government announced “self-regulation” guidelines which developers in the industry are likely to support. 

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