Last of Us Remake Has Impressive Accessibility Features

Last of Us Remake Has Impressive Accessibility Features
Building off of the excellent accessibility features in The Last of Us Part II, the remake of the original game has built on and improved so that as many people can enjoy it as possible.
The Last of Us Part 1 Will Be PlayStations Most Accessible Game To Date
The Last of Us Part 1 Will Be PlayStations Most Accessible Game To Date
Making the announcement via the Playstation Blog the game director Matthew Gallant said “We’re expecting this to be an accessible experience for blind players, for deaf players, for players with motor accessibility needs. The biggest new feature we have are audio descriptions for cinematics. We partnered with Descriptive Video Works, a professional service whose background is TV, movies and video game trailers, and integrated it into the cutscenes and across all our localized languages.”

“Another, which started as a prototype but ended up being really successful during play testing is a feature that plays dialogue through the PS5 DualSense controller as haptic feedback. That way a deaf player can feel the way a line is delivered, can feel the emphasis, along with the subtitles to give some sense of how that line is delivered.”

The accessibility presents will work “in concert” with each other. However, this can be amended and tweaked so that your experience can be fully customized.

The full comprehensive list can be found here.

In a breakdown video comparing the PS4 remaster vs the PS5 remake Matthew Gallant notes that "every single accessibility option we offer, that's a barrier removed for someone.” This will also be the first PlayStation game to have audio description already built into the cinematics.

The community were quick to show support for this with Blind Gamer host Steve Saylor commenting, “I don’t care what you think. To me if The Last Of Us Remake makes a barely playable game for disabled players to an almost fully accessible game for disabled players, that is 100% worth $70. Period."

Ex Naughty Dog marketing and comms director Scott Lowe said “There are a lot of reasons why remaking The Last of Us is justified, but making it accessible to the countless people that have never been able to play it before is reason enough alone”

Have you played The Last of Us before, the original, or remaster? Will you be picking the remake up to re-experience the game all over again?
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