Our Recap of May's Indie World Nintendo Direct

We have a rundown of all the games from Nintendo’s Indie World presentation. 25 minutes of updates of newly announced games and updates on previously known releases scheduled for the next year. Fresh off the presses so be careful you don’t burn yourself.
ElecHead Was A Highlight Of The Presentation
Ooblets - Initially released for Windows and Xbox One in July 2020. A Twee farming sim that also incorporates Pokemon-style collection and battle mechanics. Slated to be released this coming summer.

Batora: West Haven - An isometric action RPG with a non-linear story. Originally given a broad 2022 window we now know that it’ll be hitting the shop in the fall.

ElecHead - 2D puzzform game with 1 person development team. Strong Dynamite Heddy mechanics throws head to trigger objects to aid in progression. It’ll be out this summer.
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Gunbrella. A Noir Detective Steampunk Game Where Your Weapon Is, Well, An Umbrella
Soundfall - Released on the same day as the presentation, Soundfall is a rhythm-based looter shooter roguelike set in the world of Symphonia. 140 songs make up the OST, and the music has a direct impact on the layout of the map.

Wildfrost - Tactical roguelike deck builder with big wintery vibes. Unsurprisingly has a Winter 2022 release window.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - A mash of rag doll physics and a Total War style game mechanic. The word “Wobbly” was said *a lot* during the 2 or so minutes this game was being shown. “Wobbling Time” commences Summer 2022.

Gunbrella - From the devs of Gato Robot, a detective noir steampunk side scroller where you use an Umbrella as a gun. What more can you ask for? A personal highlight of the presentation for me. Scheduled for release in 2023.

We Are OFK - A weekly episodic narrative game that initially released on Playstation and PC last year. It’s coming Summer 2022
Super Stylish Cult Of The Lamb Was Given Its Own Place In The Showing
ilt - Hand-drawn underwater puzzle adventure. Possess sea creatures, suvive against deep sea monsters. Has a big Limbo aesthetic. Out June 2022.

Mini Motorways - The follow up to 2015's Mini Metro will be released today.

Wayward Strand - real time narrative game set in a hospital with individual stories running at the same time. Big decisions expected. Out July 2022

Cult of the Lamb - You are a possessed lamb saved from a sacrifice. Very stylish with a mix of city building and dungeon crawling. Think Lionhead Studio’s Black and White blended with Hades and a dash of livestock. Out 2022.

Another Crab’s Treasure - A soulslike crab game where you play as a crab and fight other crabs. Colour me intrigued. Release window of 2023.

It wouldn’t be a Nintendo presentation without a juicy sizzle reel at the end with games OneShot: World Machine Edition, Gibbon Beyond the Trees, Idol Manager, Card Shark, Cursed to Golf, A Guidebook of Babel and OPUS: Echo of Starsong - which is out now.

Obviously a smaller affair from a full fat General Direct, but anything that the Big N puts out comes with a certain weight of expectation. Did the Indie World live up to hype?

On another note, no Hollow Knight: Silksong. Does it still exist or was its reveal a globally-shared fever dream?
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