The Wildest Products shown at CES 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is back once again, and even tho many of the big-name attendees are doing so virtually, it doesn’t mean there isn’t some wild and whacky tech to ogle at. Let’s take a look!

ASUS Future-Proofin'
1. ASUS is coming in hot with their update to the Zephyrus ROG Duo 16. The dual displays are bigger than ever and can be managed independently. Match that with an RTX 3080 Ti, and up to 64GB of RAM, and you have a mean-lookin’ machine that could put most of our desktops to shame!
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MSI's Offering
2. For something a little less outlandish, but still quite exceptional, MSI’s lineup of the Stealth GS77 and GS66, and Raider GE76 and GE66 (shown here) will give you what you need. The Stealth series leans more towards portability while the Raider is purely concerned with gaming. Whatever you’re into, there’s a machine for you.
Samsung's Wild Monitor
3. Samsung is breaking down all the walls with their new Odyssey Neo G8. This new monitor is the world's first 4K (3,840 x 2,160) Mini LED display to run at a 240 Hz refresh rate– which likely means even the best graphic cards on the market will struggle to max it out. Talk about future proofing.
The Alienware Brick
4. Alienware’s hardware department sure surprised us with their Concept Nyx. Basically this giant server sits inside your house and is capable of streaming several gaming sessions at once. Not much is known about the hardware in this concept, but what IS important here is the idea that some time soon, you may be streaming AAA games to your portable devices over a 5G connection. At least, that’s what we thought.
HyperX's Everlastin' Headphones
5. Finally, we have HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless headphones. These may look like a set of headphones you already own, heck we are wearing old HyperX headphones right now! But where this bad boy stands apart is its insane battery life. HyperX states these things can run for a mind-boggling 300 hours before needing a charge. That might be weeks of gaming time! Better make sure you keep that charging cable somewhere safe..
So there you have our favourite list of cool tech from CES 2022. Did you see something you loved that we missed? Let us know!
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