Things You Didn't Know Your PS5 Could Do

The most exciting part about the end of this year is that Sony is promising a massive release of new PS5 games. So in the meantime, why not get to know the secret features in your console? Even PS5 mega-stan's will be surprised at some of the new features that are theirs to unlock. The following is a list of our favorite tips that every PS5 player should know.
Detachable Positioning Stand
Unlike the Xbox, the PS5 isn't a basic bitch with no detachable positioning stand. Sometimes the upright position on this massive machine is simply too tall for your space. So just use a simple screw driver and switch to the base panel and then turn the unit 90 degrees counterclockwise. Just like that, it's placed horizontally and you have successfully conquered feng shui.
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DualShock 4 Forever
We were devastated when the DualShock 4 wouldn't be compatible with any of PS5's future games. This controller is perfectly aerodynamic, with a button-like track pad that can't be beat. But luckily Sony made it so you can use the DualShock4 when playing backwards-compatible games. Unbury the library!
Game Boost
Did you know the PS5 has a feature called "Game Boost?" Much like the Xbox's HDR machine, the Game Boost feature automatically remasters backwards compatible PS4 games. Even better, the additional horsepower available in Sony’s next-gen console is used to improve the way backwards compatible PS4 software performs. Game Boost is active automatically on the PS5 and has a lot of perks - like better resolution. 
Storage Hack
PlayStation's Remote Play feature lets gamers stream PS4 games onto the PS5 without using ANY data. That's right. Nada data. Naturally, your PS4 will have to be running on the same wi-fi-network, but other than that....pack heavy.
Selective Installs
Sony confirmed that their console will allow users to install select parts of games onto the system. This includes the ability to delete sections of a title without removing the entire application from your system! 
Detachable Panels
Not that the beautiful, gleaming white panels that come on the original PS5 aren't enough in themselves, but did you know they can be detached and replaced? This allows players to express themselves via the next-gen system. 
DualSense Mic
The DuelSense controller has a built-in microphone feature that lets you talk without an external mic. Sure, t's not exactly world-class sound, but it will do... and it's already included!
PS5 Activities
PS5 Activities is a new UI option that helps PS5 users access a specific part of a game straight from the system's main menu. Players just jump right into whatever part they they should. 
Create Button
The DualShock 4 used to have something called the "Share Button" but it's been replaced by the more customizable "Create Button." Pressing the create button opens up a menu where you can share footage and start recording automatically. 
DualSense's Light Bar
The DualSense controller has a new touchbar that communicates through its lighting system (where the number of lights at the top of the bar show which player you are in the game). Any PS5 player worth their salt knows the value in this alone. But there's other perks as well, such as knowing which controller isn't working or who keeps hitting the PS button. 
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