These Bizarre Xbox Live DMs End Hilariously

Xbox Live messages are infamous for players sending insults and threats to other players through chat. Sometimes, these interactions can lead to some truly hilarious moments. These Xbox Live messages are filled with harsh insults and amazing comebacks. 
What Did He Say?
I would be *pat pat*'ing 911 with this DM
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Poor Guy
You have to be pretty down bad to DM yourself about your ex.
Poor Kid Needs A Therapist
I don't have the same excuse I just suck at video games in general.
A Good Deal
Would you accept this offer? Seems legitimate to me!
Sure Buddy
Say bye to Wifi would be a good song in my opinion.
Consider Yourself Warned!
I am shaking in my boots. Very scary message.
This Is The Best One
A Dm like this takes talent. Kudos to you whoever you are!
Only Listen To Rich
Would really like to know the context behind this message. What did they intend?
Message Received
That is one way to shut someone down!
A well thought-out retort is the best way to go.
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