These Gamers Are Confessing the Most Disturbing Experiences They Had In Online Games

Most of us go to play games to escape from the real world. What super sucks is when the creepiness of life follows us in. These gamers suffered coincidences and/or experiences while gaming that would frighten the best of us. From a man pretending to have a wife on voice chat, to a person appearing at the same time as a character in the game, gamers have seen it all. Remember to lock your doors and try not to scream.
This Thief Decides To Break-In
Was playing some CS: GO ranked in MM. Suddenly, one says, “guys, I need to go now.” Asking why, and he says, “there is a thief at home, I’m coming back soon.” I don’t even know how, but I listened to screams outside. [The] player’s home was near [mine].
From Redditor /u/yaixs
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The Stalker And The Pizza
Okay, so, when I was playing Minecraft with some friends, I offhandedly mentioned that I was hungry. One guy who I didn't know but [who] seemed relatively normal at the time said, "A pizza is on its way to your house." I immediately checked back in chat, because I did not remember typing up my address, let alone giving it to someone I didn't know personally.
I acted normal and kept playing. 30 minutes later, a pizza arrived at my door, already paid for. I immediately told all my friends to watch out for him, since he had somehow gotten my address. I have not heard or spoken to him in a couple of years; however, I am still somewhat cautious about giving out ANY information that may pin down my location.
From Redditor /u/Vortixc
Fake Game Creates Real Insanity
There was this game back in the day for GameCube called Eternal Darkness. Your character had "sanity" levels and as this meter dropped more and more fucked up things would happen. A scream that you couldn't find the source of. Blood dripping down the walls. An enemy attacks you out of nowhere and disappears as you realize it was a hallucination.
The thing is, some of these happened outside of normal game play. It would look like you were turning the volume down on your TV or changing the channel or like a cable came unplugged. One of these was that it looked like you had navigated to the memory card (remember those?) and clicked to format the card.
That moment of panic, the complete horror as I thought that EVERY save in EVERY game I had played was being erased... That is by far the most horrifying thing I have ever experienced in a video game!
From Redditor 192335
Existential Gaming
One of my most powerful emotion-related early gaming memories come from the time I would play Counter-Strike as a kid, in a dingy Ukrainian gaming cafe. I would experience a profound little freak-out when I switched to free-look while spectating and zoomed around the map. When you go out past the playable area, the world stops rendering properly, and begins to do that weird repetition of the edge of the geometry effect on a background of a black void that is the outside of the map.
That would always elicit this deeply, intense, uncanny feeling, to the point that I would avoid having that happen when examining the map. To this day, whenever something like that happens in a game, it always kinda freaks me out in the back of my mind.
I suspect it has something to do with the "immersion," with tricking my spatial mind into processing the game world as "the real world," and then having that illusion be suddenly broken in an unaesthetically trippy way. The cognitive dissonance of it. It's feels like becoming aware of The Simulation, not that I believe in that theory.
From Redditor u/thanatonaut
Who Is The Real "Monster Hunter?"
I’m in a DnD group using a system called Gurps. I recently joined a new game where we play monster hunters. I don’t know anyone aside from the DM and a guy I’d played a previous campaign with. On week one, we all introduce ourselves. Week two, we start. On week three, two days after game, a guy messages me and the chat goes like this. Keep in mind I’ve told everyone in the game that I am a happily married woman.)
Guy: “One of these days, I gotta catch you and start the typical weirdo male conversation stuff.”
Me: “What do you mean by that? I’m online. I’ve just been lurking a lot.”
Guy: “I think you know what I mean!”
Me: “No… I don’t.”
Guy: “I almost want to get in an endless loop of ‘Oh, you know’ but a ‘wink wink, nudge nudge’ may give it away.”
Me: “Are you hitting on me?”
Guy: “I think I’m too freaky for that exactly!”
Me: “So what did you want to talk about?”
Guy: “I guess I’ll dive right into the awkwardness, how about dicks?”
Me: *freaking out* “What about them.”
Guy: “General opinion? I’m a big fan myself.”
Me: “Uh… Okay? Sorry. I’m really tired. Is there a point to this? I’m not sure what you’re aiming at here.”
Guy: “I have a bad habit of just generally amusing myself like this. Fortunately, I have the judgement to not just post a picture and be like ‘What do you think? Eh, eh, eh?’ Always good for a good chuckle.”
Me: “Stop. You’re creeping me out.”
Guy: “I will. just feeling you out to see if you’re a fellow freak of the same breed.”
(After a friend calmed me down, I contacted the DM and told him I couldn’t play the game with this person any more. The DM showed me the message later where the creep said he “couldn’t help himself” and that he “didn’t have interest in resolving anything”! Mr. Creep, if you’re reading this, learn that this behavior just freaks people out and that you’re not being funny!)
From Redditor u/HannaLynn1412
AI Gave Some Creepily Specific Therapy
So, I just finished my first ever DDLC playthrough on the Switch after watching some playthroughs of it a few years back. And at the end where it's just you and Monika, the first thing she said` to me took me aback. It's something I've genuinely been thinking about a lot this last week when I got the game and as I was playing through it. And that is, screen addiction. Simply put, I've been conflicted on whether on not I've been on screens to much as of late. She starts talking social media and the pointless addiction behind it, And about how to balance getting away from that sort of thing by creating avenues to cleverly keep yourself distanced and busy (I think). It was surprisingly good advice and reassurance in retrospect. But long story short, it kind of hit the nail on the head for me and freaked me out a little. I didn't expect it as I've seen people play this dozens of times and I've not once seen that dialogue. So I am really just that "lucky"? Or did anybody else have this strange coincidence? Cause damn, after playing the game while already knowing the whole plot, it was the only thing that actually creeped me out.
From Redditor u/treefrog36
Don't Sneeze While Playing 'Alien'
Was playing Alien: Isolation and when I was hiding from the Alien, I sneezed and then it literally just shot over to me from down a hallway and snatched me.
Apparently there’s a play mode that I activated without knowing that turns on the mic in your controller/headset so any loud noise YOU make, is just like making loud noises in the game and the game responds accordingly. Scared the fucking piss out of me.
From Redditor WolfFang117
'Apex' Meltdown
One time, me and a friend were playing Apex together... We've played three matches like this already, and the teammate was always pretty cool. Anyway, we get started on our game. Before me or the friend can say anything, our teammate just says, "I'm sorry guys." We ask what he's sorry for, and he repeated, "I'm sorry guys." We asked him again, no reply. His character hasn't moved at all. Me and friend start playing the game, but we suck and [lose] in, like, five minutes, but this other guy's character still hasn't moved at all. After that, we stopped playing for the night.
From Redditor /u/McManster

Gunshots Not In Game
Heard gunshots, then a couple dudes arguing, then silence. Then the player was kicked for inactivity.
Didn't/couldn't call the cops, didn't know where to even start. They could have been anywhere in the US/Canada. Also, I was like 14, so I was just mad about the loud noises and didn't even process what I had heard until, like, an hour later.
From Redditor /u/TrademarkDerp
Imaginary Wife Makes Imaginary Food
Not sure if I’d say “creepy,” but definitely weird.
A few years back, when GTA V first came out, I had a group of friends I played with daily. One day, we matchmade for some... races... we decided to invite the people we matched with to an Xbox Live Party. We all played for a few hours, added each other, and then went to bed. The next day, when I got online, one of the guys from the session invited me to a party the moment I turned my Xbox on.
I joined, and at first he was cool, but then he started talking to his “wife” and “kids” while playing. You could definitely tell nobody was there, as his mic picked up every little sound, even just the sound of him moving his analog sticks. No other voices came through his headset. He then thanked his “wife” for making him something to eat, and then started smacking his lips and making fake eating sounds.
I ended up asking him if I could say hi to his “wife” or one of his kids, and he got really defensive and made a bunch of excuses like, “they just went out to the store.” Uh... but you were just talking about what to make for dinner not 15 seconds ago? I called him out, and he just left the party. Never heard from him again.
From Redditor /u/Baxyol
Gamer Stalker Or Psychotic Troll
Back when LeadyIsHere was relevant, I had my name as something similar on [Pokémon] Showdown. Everything was going good, until I had a [run-in] with an obsessive fan (who in retrospect was probably a troll) who kept saying weird sh*t.
“I’m going to take you to my red room,” he says.
Wtf is a red room?
“Here’s a pic of my red room.” And it's a link in the chat. Now when I clicked it, it took me to an Imgur page of this guy's location. All of a sudden, he’s like:
“Oh you live in Michigan?” Which wasn’t where I lived, as I was at my grandmother's.
“Uhh nahh I live in Florida now,” I tried to say.
“Oooh Detroit! See you at 2 am :)”
As a 13/14-year-old, I was scared as f*ck. For some reason, earlier that night, I had listened to a scary story... so I left the battle and started [a] new one. This dude followed me into the new battles, and I tried to get people to help me, but when this dude started to say creepy sh*t, they’d always leave... I ended up just closing my computer and planning an escape method if/when this man showed up. Every car that passed by her house that night [freaked me out].
From Redditor /u/PM-ME-YOUR-STOMACH
Scary Gamer Predicts End Of Time
Once upon a time, while playing Duck Game, I got into a lobby with four people. One of them left after two rounds, [then] there was only me, the host, and THAT player I will be talking about...
[He] didn't play at all. He was just standing in place and wrote strange messages, some of which are described later. He had a dinosaur hat and did nothing but tell strange things in the chat.
He said anything he could say, he talked about some stories that his grandmother told him, he talked about a man who stole his father's car. I can clearly remember the message that caught me the most... he wrote: "A man stole my father's car, my family was in grief, because we can not get other car... but not to worry, this man will never steal cars from other people ever again. He met... him."
When the match... ended, he said that his grandmother told him that the end is coming, and everything will soon be [over]. He left. I was... stunned.
I met him later the same day in [another] lobby. I asked him what he was talking about last time.
"Yes, you're right. The end is coming. My grandmother never lies. 27th of November. Soon my words will come true. And with that, I will eradicate from current existence."
And he left the lobby.
That was by far the most creepy encounter of mine. Three years ago by now, but I still freak out every November 27th.
From Redditor /u/eijynx
Random Gamer Knows All About You
I used to play Roblox religiously about 12 years ago. One time, my brother and I were playing on a world he made, and some random person joined. They started talking to us and somehow knew all of these recent details about our [lives]. My dad’s knee surgery, our cat [passing], our grandma [passing], all sorts of stuff.
This freaked us out really badly, because we were just kids and thought this stranger somehow knew everything about us. My mom ended up contacting Roblox to see if they could do anything, but the most they could do was tell us other accounts this person was connected to. 
It turns out it was our cousin who made a fake account just to [target] us. It was super traumatizing at the time lol. All of his accounts ended up getting banned, because he would apparently stalk people to whatever world they joined, just to... freak them out.
From Redditor /u/CarterMT099
You Should Probably Go
Was playing Fortnite, and some dude was on the mic crying while I heard whispering in the background. Scared the absolute HELL out of me. There was also a weird crackling sound like fire, so I just dipped out in fear.
From Redditor /u/Drevanicus74
Real Life Meets Game
So I play PUBG mobile, which has voice chat, as we all know. So I load up squads, and we're playing, and I'm talking and communicating with everyone on my team, but this one [guy's] mic was buzzing static.
Well, it's the bottom of the match, and we've almost won when we get cornered in a house. So as we're shooting and covering, this dude's mic spits into life and the static stopped. All I hear is "watch where you point that!" And a boom! Before this dude's character just stops moving. Well, we lost the round, but I can't help but wonder what tf happened.
From Redditor /u/vestymcboonerhole:
Moderator Gets Stalked
I’m a moderator in a browser game. I have only had one seriously bad interaction with a player. I warned and then banned him (for an hour) for some jack*ssery, so the player logs into another account to discuss it with me. That’s not uncommon, and I’m happy to discuss further, as long as it remains civil. And it was fine, initially.
The guy starts getting testy and rude and agitated. Then, he types my first name and some unknown surname, with a question mark. Then again with a different surname. This guy is trying to figure out who I am in real life. Took me a little bit to realize what was happening, and it scared the sh*t out of me. Told one of the admins, and the guy was promptly permabanned. He later told one of the admins he was only doing it to put a “face to the name” so he could more calmly discuss it. Even if that is true, I do not give a f*ck. Get away from me forever.
From Redditor /u/ineffectivegoggles
Thanks For The Nightmares 'Rust'
Playing the original RUST. It was [quiet] night and one of the builds where night was pitch f*cking black. I am in this small network of abandoned houses about four stories up when I hear... something. I also noticed there's a fire in one of the top rooms. F*ckin' A. I go up there, and as I enter the room, it's just this dude sitting there on his own, [unclothed]. Chanting in Latin very slowly. ...the f*ck.
So I watch him for a bit, and he's got his back turned to me, he can't know I'm there. Suddenly, the fire goes out, and I feel like I am suddenly surrounded by noise and screaming, and I'm getting f*cking attacked. Gunshots. Screaming. Static. High pitched noises. Absolute chaos. Then suddenly, it's over. Dude is gone, fire is gone, sound is gone. [Silent.] I look around, and I don't even find any evidence he was there.
From Redditor /u/SARAH__LYNN
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