VTuber Ironmouse Becomes Third Biggest Twitch Streamer

VTuber Ironmouse Becomes Third Biggest Twitch Streamer
The VTuber Ironmouse has overtaken hundreds of content creators on Twitch, the popular live gaming platform, to become the third biggest streamer on the site behind Ludwig and Ninja. She accomplished this with a 31 day "subathon" event that just ended yesterday.

In addition to being the third largest on Twitch, she has also become the #1 most subscribed female on the platform and the first-ever English-speaking VTuber to reach one million followers.

If you don't already know what a VTuber is, this article might not be for you. But, as a refresher, a VTuber is a content creator that speaks through an animated avatar that moves its mouth and body in real-time based on the creator's voice instead of recording themselves on camera.

Here's what Ironmouse had to say about the accomplishment on Twitter:

Today is the end! We finished on day 31 and I am overjoyed. Thank you all for one of the greatest months of my life. I am eternally grateful for all your love and support and I am just shocked at all the milestones we hit. Thank you all I love you! See you tomorrow!

Congrats, Ironmouse!
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