Mega Elden Ring Player, Let Me Solo Her, Defeats Elden Ring's Hardest Boss 1000 Times

"let me solo her" has easily become one of Elden Ring's most famous players in just a handful of weeks, and now they've officially beaten one of the most difficult bosses in the game, Melania, 1000 times.
let me solo her Is A Reddit Superstar
If you don't know, about a month ago people started talking about a particular player on the Elden Ring subreddit. The player's name was 'let me solo her,' and they fought completely naked wearing nothing but a pot on their head and dual-wielding two katanas.

let me solo her gained notoriety for their flawless skill in the game, plowing through some of the toughest bosses without even taking one hit of damage, as well as their obviously attention-grabbing choice of avatar.
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People Make let me solo her Fan Art
Soon, posts about let me solo her were jumping to the top of the subreddit, and people became obsessed. Players started to create tons of fan art - drawings, 3d models, etc - of lmsh's avatar.

But there was one thing that became clear. let me solo her chose their name for a reason - because they wanted nothing more than to fight the game's toughest boss, Melania, over and over again. And that's just what they did.
let me solo her Goes For the Gold With Melania
let me solo her began playing through the game over and over again just to fight Melania - they even helped other players work out strategies for fighting Melania, and just generally became the running strategic expert on the boss.

Eventually, people caught on to let me solo her's streak of Melania wins, and in turn let me solo her began live-streaming their Melania-battling exploits.
1000s Times Is a Lot of Boss Battling
Just this week, 7,000 people tuned in as let me solo her defeated Melania on a live stream for the 1000th time. The match went fairly quickly, with lmsh expertly dodging and weaving around Melania, getting in hit after hit but taking no damage.

Eventually, however, lmso slipped up and took some damage from Melania. Towards the end of the fight, lmsh was down to 10% health. One more strike would lose the battle for let me solo her, and their Melania-smashing streak would come to an end. However, without breaking a sweat lmsh pushed through and defeated the boss.

1000 defeats. Wow. That's a lot of Melania.
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