Twitch Is Considering Cutting Streamer Pay to Make More Money

Twitch Is Considering Cutting Streamer Pay to Make More Money
The Amazon-owned live-streaming platform - largely known for video game streaming - Twitch is considering a controversial new technique for increasing the company's yearly profit. They might be decreasing the percentage of revenue that goes to its creators.
Pokimane Is One of Twitch's Top Current Streamers
Pokimane Is One of Twitch's Top Current Streamers
The new policy isn't set in stone by any means, but it comes from a recent Bloomberg report that they're considering this cut after increased pressure from their parent company to start turning a better profit.

The proposed plan, leaked to Bloomberg by people close to the situation, would decrease the cut of channel subscription sales to creators in Twitch's partnership program from 70% to 50%. This would ultimately result in a roughly 29% decrease in total earnings to the creators.

Now, this sounds like news that would naturally be met with a massive backlash from the creators - and there's no doubt that the Twitch streamers aren't happy about this possibility. However, it's not the whole story. In addition to these leaks, it's also rumored that Twitch is considering a few incentives to help make up for the drop in revenue.

Allegedly they are considering increasing the amount of money creators can make from putting ads on their streams, as well as considering removing the iron-clad exclusivity clause in every Twitch partner's contract. Previously the top Twitch streamers were only allowed to stream on Twitch. This change would allow them to also stream on popular platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

The anonymous source that Bloomberg obtained this info from also concedes that Twitch could scrap the whole plan and continue on as normal. It remains to be seen.

So what do you think? Is this a good idea or an awful one?
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