These Utter Trash Gaming Setups Will Actually Make You Mad

Having a good setup for gaming is essential for gamers. It is the pride and joy of the gaming community. However, these setups are disgustingly awful and would probably give you some kind of disease should you approach them. Try not to cringe at these atrocious setups. 
Mattress Matters I Guess
This is a major injury just waiting to happen.
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I Have No Words
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Honestly This Is Not The Worst One
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Maybe Get A New Chair? That's A Start
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When You Have To Game In Your Sleep
Just go to bed. This is not worth all the effort just to lay on the floor I promise.
That Is One Way To Lounge I Guess
I wouldn't touch that sack with a 10 foot pole.
This Is Simply Modern Innovation
What is the goal here? Is it to cool down the laptop? Rather ingenious.
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