Patches, the Character in Every FromSoftware Game, Ranked Best to Absolute Best

Little is known about Patches or his background, although he has previously been acquainted with Shiva of the East, Solaire of Astora, Lautrec of Carim, and Petrus of Thorolund. Wether Patch is an independent mercenary, merchant, vendor. shopkeeper or a boss, one thing is for certain, he will be making your life a living nightmare. Patches is fun to kill, but even more fun to make up with. Even as one of the most frustrating trolls in gaming, most of us have at soft spot for Patches and his antics. He's an important part of Soulsborne and will never stop thinking up creative ways to mess with you. 
Patch the Good Luck
Patch the Good Luck can be found in "Armored Core: For Answer." Patch is confusing as usual as he insists he's your ally, but keeps screwing you over. Keep your wits about you and don't believe him! However untrustworthy, Patch the Good Luck is still needed around. He has more battle history than everyone else and moves around in a very cool reverse-legged craft. Beware though, if you gain the upper hand in your confrontation with Patch the Good Luck, he will beg and plead with you to stop and will forfeit.
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Trusty Patches
Dark Souls is where we meet Trusty Patches as a merchant, who's selling the items he's gotten from his unlucky victims. We first find him in the Catacombs and this might be the most aggro Patches in any game. Beware, when he asks, "Are you a cleric," and you say yes, he will kill you. He'll even try to show you the view from a beautiful cliff and then push you off. On the plus side, Trusty Patches will give you valuable advice about Petrus and Lautrec and after Nito's defeat, he relocates to the FireLink Shrine, thank GOD. 
Patches the Hyena
Demons Souls is the game that introduces us to Patches the Hyena. You'll probably first meet him in Tunnel City, where he'll promise to lead you to "some treasure." Not surprisingly, Patches the Hyena actually just takes you to an underground club, and if you try to escape he'll grab a random item and present it to you as "the treasure." Thanks! You can kill this Patches, and you will be tempted to, but it's not recommended because his healing grass is magical and the cheapest available. So you keep him alive, but remember at the end, he will kick you down a hole, giving you a chance to rescue Saint Urban. Circles become circles. 
Patches the Spider
As soon as you bet Vicar Amelia, gamers enter Central Yarham, Cathedral World, Hemiwick Charnel Laneor or the Forbidden Woods. Here, all NCP's are replaced with Patch. You can find him in the Lecture Hall where he will scare the everliving daylights out of you by being hideous. He will give you the "Tonsil Stone," which he assures you is precious, but then he sets a trap with shiny coins and waits to push you off a cliff. It's always the same story with this guy. The good news is, if you forgive him he will give you a rune. Awwww! 
Elden Ring Patches
Meeting Patches is one of the first things that happens in Elden Ring. You’ll find our mischievous "friendemy" in Murkwater Cave, where he is immediately vicious with you. If Patches gets sleepy during combat (usually when a fourth of his health is left) he will surrender, and if you accept said surrender he will open a shop. Support local business! On the flip-side, if he has the upper-hand, he will spare your life if you do the "Extreme Repentance." But don't take your truce too seriously. When you ask about his treasure chest, he'll encourage you to look inside, which teleports you to Mistwood Ruins.
Unbreakable Patches
Dark Souls 3  introduces us to  the most despicable version of Patches, where he is at the pinnacle of his debauchery. You can find this beast in the Cathedral of the Deep, disguised as the Siegward of Catarina, including wearing Siefward's Armor. If you meet Unbreakable Patches after you've killed the giant, he is going to be extremely angry and shame you and curse at you. If you meet him before, he will attempt to lock and lower you to the giants in the Cathedral of the Deep. Patch won't sell you anything until you tell him where Greirat is hiding. He returns with a Hidden Blessing which he sells for 16,000 souls.
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