The Absolute Best Open World Games With Character Creation

Gamers have been lucky enough to experience incredible protagonists in games (Ezio anyone?). But there are few things more fun for players besides getting to be a part of character creation. While a lot of games offer ample physical features and clothing options, others go full-out and allow you to create your own hero from the ground up. Customization is the cherry on top and we couldn't be more excited about the following games. 
Ark: Survival Evolved
Feel free to let your creativity shine on this one. You can do so much customization with Arc: Survival Evolved that you can even morph your characters limbs or change the "specimen" of your chosen character.  The multiplayer feature allows you to see what weird stuff your friends did as well.
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Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row: The Third is deeply customizable. In fact, if you would like to create a masterpiece of bizarre character, look no further. Faces in Saints Row don't even have to be symmetrical. And say goodbye to boring old clothing options...Saints Row offers players the option to pick a crotch plate. Just do you!
Dragon Age: Inquisition
The third main Dragon Age game is bolder than its predecessors. While you spend this game leading the Inquisition, you have the option of being human, elf, dwarf or qunari. Once you make that decision, you can customize each choice further. 

How are you supposed to make your 2D characters look unique in Terraria? Well you can choose hair-color and hair-style. You can also choose the color of your skin, clothing, and gender. While you can choose an eye color, the rules are very clear that the center of your eye "must be white." Got it!

Once a player enters the world of Skyrim, your life's mission is to kill a powerful dragon who wants to destroy the world. The game gives you plenty of freedom when it comes to designing your Dragonborn, with several different species, body types, and hairstyles offered. You can even make some changes to the dragon. 
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout: New Vegas welcomes you to the year 2281. The courier doesn't have a lot of customizable options, which is ironic because it's so far in the future. 

Elden Ring
There is a lot of character creation freedom in Elden Ring. You can make a whole host of design decisions and the outfits are rad.  It's going to take a lot of work to create an outfit that rivals the gorgeous landscape of Elden Ring.
Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 customized the stuff that matters. Yes, lots of games let you change your hairstyle and body shape. But this game changes things as nuanced as your voice and different kinds of cyberware! And naturally it wouldn't be punk unless options like blemishes, scars and tattoos were added to the character mix. So they were! Go create someone your parents wouldn't let you hang out with. 
GTA Online
Los Santos is the location of GTA Online. It's a wild place that defines you on your look and money. Keep this in mind because you can add tattoos, facepaint, face piercings and a whole bunch of clothing and accessories options. Do you want to stand-out or blend-in? 

Conan Exiles
Conan Exiles is set in the harsh prehistoric world of Conan the Barbarian. It has a lot of customization options like face, body, gender, and a lot of other physical attributes. You can adjust them according to your liking. Religion also plays an important factor as different religions offer various benefits like crafting recipes and other abilities. So choose them wisely.
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