10 Best Binding of Isaac: Repentance Character Mods

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is an amazing sequel that takes Isaac on another rogue dungeon adventure (Yes, Isaac goes down in the basement AGAIN.) As Isaac faces the horrors in his basement once more, he is shocked to find even more NEW enemies, bosses, and quests waiting for him. One of the biggest appeals of this game is its large cast of characters. There are 17 characters in the base game and all of them come with their own stats, items, and methods of attack. However, every playable character also has a "tainted" character version that provides twists and turns to the base version. So while other characters MAY look totally normal, remember they may be tainted versions with new items and abilities. Here are our favorites.
Mei: Control Tears With Telekinesis
Mei is the first mod created for this game! Not only is she adorable, but incredibly unique to play as well. Mei cries tears that attack others and are psychically connected to her. Her tears can also act as orbitals that injure enemies. But most exciting is her tainted version which, when unlocked, uses Mei's telekinetic powers to manipulate the weather. This causes rain to fall on her enemies and allows her control over the narrative. Yas queen. 
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Sodom And Gomorrah: Jumps And Stomps
These two cuties come as a pair connected by a heart. When Sodom and Gomorrah get hit, it's their heart that receives all the damage. It's sad. But remember, these little guys jump on people in order to kill them. Sodom and Gomorrah can use their "pocket" active item to lock one character in place or fire tears as a hail Mary. 
Andromeda: Orbiting Tears And Reality Shifting
Andromeda is a newer character, whose purpose revolves around Planetariums. Andromeda starts with a new item called Gravity Shift, which can stop all tears and projectiles in midair.  Andromedas also have a new transformation activated by collecting four astrology items - including a tainted version (which involves a black hole) and many unlockable items.
Bertran: Throw Your Head
Bertran's attack powers come from the spinning of spikes on his head. Tainted Bertan has infinite slam attacks and sometimes defies death. Fun fact: by holding Control after an attack, Bertran's head will stick to the ground and allow you to fling yourself through enemies. 
Job: Less Damage For More Tears
Job is designed to be a simple character who focuses on tears rather than damage. So, instead of starting with high damage, Job starts with a high tear rate, and player's can draw the distinction that he is the exact opposite of Judas. The Yen to the Yang, so to speak. Job's active item is the Book of Despair, and it dramatically increases your tear rate when you use it. Tainted Job gains items, but they all have a counter on them so beware!
The Deleted: Glitched Items On Command
First things first: if it looks like your computer just got a horrible virus, it was just The Deleted. There's over a dozen alternate versions of The Deleted and their active item is a Bit Flip. When used, a Bit Flip makes all items in the room glitched, giving them a few random effects. Tainted Deleted is basically the 'Delete This' challenge as a playable character. Tainted Deleted also corrupts the world around him, so look out for anything fishy. 
Car: Everything Dies In One Hit, Including You
Don't ask how, but a car has somehow found its way to Isaac's basement. And not just any car, a fighting car. While the car doesn't throw tears or have a spiky head, it's perfectly capable of running your enemies over. Oh, also, tainted versions are constantly moving. So if you happen to crash through a few walls...so be it.

Epiphany: A Third Set Of Alternate Characters
The Epiphany are the bearers of a third kind of alternate character called "The Tarnished."  The Tarnished either build upon or reverse the items of the Tainted characters, which equals both a fun reversal and progressing complications. 
Samael: The Original Melee Character
Samael is a fallen angel who helps you reap the souls of your enemies using a deadly scythe. Samael's active item is called a Malakh Mot, which increases your attack speed. However, move quickly, because the speed increase only lasts a short period of time. Tainted Samael is the alternate version of  Samson, and his hair is completely shaved off (except for a large tuft in the back). Whenever Tainted Samson deals or takes damage, he will grow progressively more red and once he activates, he moves at 0.40 the speed. 
The Hollow: Attacking With Flies
The Hollow plays very differently from the The Binding of Isaac's core characters. The number of them that can spawn each fight can vary from 1-4. The most common encounter with The Hollow is with 2 bodies. The Hollow also has a red locust that returns to them, which aides you in dealing more consistent damage. The tainted Hollow is the only boss that has three Champion versions. 
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