Things That Suck About Elden Ring (And Need to Be Fixed)

Elden Ring has earned its praise as one the best open world games created in recent history. There is a reason everyone is playing it - even newcomers to the genre. It is just that good. However, with every great piece of media there are also some issues that need to be addressed. Whether they be large or small, these fixes are necessary to truly create the best experience for players of this incredible game. Check out these fixes below!
Needs More Polish
A common issues for large AAA titles, Elden Ring has a lot of minor bugs and is prone to crashing. The occasional glitch and missing texture is also pretty common to find in the game. A few patches have already been released to address some of these problems but there are still a substantial amount plaguing players.
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More Accessible UI
FromSoftware games are infamous for having menus and an interface simply designed for console use. PC users have always struggled to use the UI in 'Souls' games and this one is no exception. Every menu within the game is clunky and almost hinders PC players from really experiencing everything the game has to offer.
Framerate issues have been a pretty common issue across the board for Elden Ring players. In addition to this, there is a rather serious stuttering issue which occurs when transitioning from open world areas. We know for a fact this issue is being addressed and are looking forward to the upcoming patch.
Less Input Lag
Input Lag can mean life or death in a Souls game and once again players for certain platforms are having issues with lag as they are dodging their opponents. This is nowhere near the largest issue in the game but it is definitely something that needs to be considered for future patches.
PvP and co-op always run into problems with games like this. It is not uncommon for someone to lose connection halfway through a fight or endlessly wait in a loading menu. On top of this, players use one of the Fingers they spend for the multiplayer event and it will not be refunded.
Better Rewards
We have all been there. Defeating a rather difficult boss comes with the expectation of high rewards. However, this is not always the case in Elden Ring. The Crucible Knight only grants a couple thousand Runes despite being one fo the most difficult bosses in the game. Adding more runes or special items to the harder bosses would certainly be a huge plus to the game.
Recycled Bosses
Recycled bosses is a common criticism for the Souls franchise and once again Elden Ring has committed the same offense. Some of the bosses are re-skinned so many times it feels like there are less unique bosses, creating a rather mundane experience for players to keep pushing forward until they encounter a more unique enemy.
Sites Of Grace Placement
Elden rings's sites of grace are generous and there are quite a few but they seem to be inconsistent. Some areas have too many of these sites as they are clumped up near major boss areas. Then there are regions within the game which are stark with sites of grace. Traversal becomes more of a chore in this case.
The Camera
Once bosses reach a certain size, the camera creates some major problems during combat. Often it will spin or fly at the wrong moment and hide what the enemy is doing or where they are in relation to the player. Smaller bosses are fine. It is almost as if the camera was not adjusted to compensate for the immense size of Elden Ring bosses - especially the ones capable of flight.
Too Many Enemies Late In the Game
The ending areas of the game slow to a grind as there are more enemies to encounter, all of which require you take on one at a time as players will not survive a group attack with such large numbers. It would be fine if the enemies at this stage were not so difficult to kill. Even the lower-end threats are capable of dealing immense damage.
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