Every Outfit in Ghostwire Tokyo Ranked From Worst to Best

Ghostwire Tokyo follows protagonist Akito Izuki as he battles to save the world. As a bonus, Akito has a closet full of cool clothes. Some gamers claim the fashion in Ghostwire Tokyo doesn't matter. After all, the game is played in first person so you don't really see yourself much. But when your outfit is the "Denim Jacket" compared to the "Hannya," morale is affected. Here are the best outfits, ranked worst to best. 
#9 The Officer
The Officer outfit is heavily inspired by the uniforms actual police in Japan wear. This outfit, unlike the others, is directly inspired by KK and not Akito. Therefore, the outfit is practical and not focused on making the player look cool. In other words, boring.
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#8 The Biker With Helmet
The good part about the Biker suit and helmet is that you can change the colors. Blue, red, yellow, pink, and gold are just a few of the ways player's can alter the tint of Akito's suit. The bad part is the helmet looks really dumb in every color. Not only does it not fit the rest of the outfit, but unlike all the other options, the helmet has hardly any detail. 
#7 The Getaway
It's not going to win any bold awards, but the Getaway outfit is nice for athletic types with no fashion sense. Not only is it breathable, but it's also comfortable. The outfit doesn't have any fancy strings or belts, but all the less things to get caught on, right?
#6 The Biker - No Helmet
Akito actually looks better in his biking outfit without the helmet. The helmet doesn't match the rest of the vibe and looks like it's from an entirely different time period.  It's interesting how a minor alteration, such as removing the helmet on a suit, can make the overall look much better! Overall, the suit is elevated without the helmet.
#5 The Denim Jacket
Yes, the denim jacket is a staple of any wardrobe but did you know it also doubles as a cape? This outfit has the luxury of allowing Akito to blend in wherever he goes...and it fits like a dream.
#4 The Shinobi
The game description claims this outfit is made for "the modern ninja." Enough said. Wearing this outfit also alters your bow and arrow and helps you hide in the shadows.  Additionally, Akito wears an awesome face mask when the suit is equipped.
#3 The Hannya
The Hannya is NOT for the faint of heart...but if you need to intimidate someone it fits like a glove. This costume serves up a taste of futuristic vibes while also remaining true to the essence of primal fear - just look at that white mask with pitiless eyes. 

#2 The Taiko Drummer
The Taiko Drummer outfit promises hints of relaxation - even the description reads, "the perfect outfit for letting loose." The pants are breezy and the shirt is sleeveless. He's even wearing a headband!  This outfit would be number one if it gave any power whatsoever besides the power to nap. 

#1 The Vault Suit
The Vault Suit is taken straight from the game Fallout. This crossover is fun because it makes Akito appear to be the sole survivor of Tokyo when he's prowling the streets. But the real reason it's outfit number one on our list? The Vault suit brings the Sci-Fi genre to Ghostwire Tokyo.
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