Games Where Your Choices Actually Have Consequences

No matter how many times we are promised that our choices in a game matter, sometimes it all just adds up to lip service. After all, creating a game that is so varied as to actually provide choice is complex. In fact, it's not uncommon for games to "cheat" and offer only slightly different endings dependent on your choices.  However, there are a few games that don’t simply pretend your choices have meaning, but also adjusts the game's ending accordingly. This makes every decision feel important and that makes every minute playing the game feel valuable. Here are some favorites. 
20. Heavy Rain
There's a serial killer named the Origami Killer and every choice you make effects how many more people die...and worse, how many more horrible pieces of origami get made.
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19. Mass Effect 3
You play Commander Shepard and your decisions dictate whether or not The Reapers win the war, how ready you are for war, and what races will end up surviving. No pressure.
18. The Stanley Parable
The choices in The Stanley Parable involve if you, the silent protagonist, will listen to the narrator.
17. The Outer Worlds
The destiny of pretty much every place you visit and faction you meet depends on the actions you make throughout the game.
16. Man of Medan
The decisions you make in this diving game directly effects who makes it home and who swims with the fishies.
15. Dishonored
Your actions, not your words, dictate the world of Dishonored and no choice goes unnoticed.
14. Cyberpunk 2077
Ironically, the only decision that doesn't effect every factor in the experience of this game is what "life-path" you choose. Everything else will come back to haunt you!
13. Assassin's Creed Valhalla
At the end of this game, every decision you've made throughout (like who lives, and who controls what) is weighed together to determine the outcome.
12. Hitman 3
This game gives players more choice than meets the eye. For example, in the Dartmoor mission, gamers can actually stop and solve an entire mystery (you even get to interview suspects!).
11. The Wolf Among Us
This game has a timer that won't let you think about a choice for more than a certain amount of time, so get ready to be impulsive and meet instant karma.
10. Fallout: New Vegas
Every moral decision in "Fallout: New Vegas" is packed with "gray area" and enough emotional nuance to make you go a little crazy...but it makes for a very individual game with seemingly unlimited endings.
9. XCOM 2
Your campaign needs tactical decisions made to fight off an alien invasion and you're the only one who can do it.
8. Until Dawn
What you may think of as "insignificant dialogue" is actually your actions spreading via the "butterfly effect" and changing the course of who lives and dies.
7. Detroit: Become Human
You play through three separate stories that eventually intertwine...thus weaving all three narratives of your choices together into one big choice.
6. The Witcher 3
There are three ending types to this game: happy, bittersweet, and terrible. What makes it so complicated is that small choices make big be aware always!
5. Mass Effect 2
Throughout playing Mass Effect 2, you will become close with a team of people whose lives will all depend on your choices.
4. Dragon Age: Origins
The customizable options in this game are abundant, leading to a game that is individually tailored to you and your choices.
3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
The most exciting decisions in this game are the huge range of combat choices and whatever skills you pick will lead to a unique experience.
2. Beyond: Two Souls
Described as an "inter-active action movie" Beyond: Two Souls offers plenty of different routes for you to take, which lets you become either a master of your powers or a human bound with a curse.
1. Life Is Strange
The beauty of this game is that you can rewind and do choices differently and you are always being reminded of old choices and wondering how you could have done it all better.
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