Heartwarming Gaming Moments That Will Renew Your Faith In Humanity

In a world full of darkness, video games are often blamed for creating an atmosphere of de-sensitivity to violence. Moreover, gamers also get a bad reputation for being lazy and hateful. Hopefully this notion is beginning to change, but sometimes change takes time. If you still need convincing that all those hours of gaming were not for nothing, then here are a collection of times when gaming provided everyday people with just the right bits of knowledge and skill to be a real-life hero.
Accidental Medic
Paxton Galvanek was just a normal dude until his love for the game American Army helped him save a life. Players who are familiar with American Army remember the medic function of the game, where you save fellow soldiers lives. In 2007, Galvanek witnessed a horrific car crash unfold right in front of him. He was able to remove an injured driver from his upside down car, lift his arm to stop the bleeding, and apply pressure to the correct spots where the crash victims fingers were missing. When the "real" medics arrived, they were shocked at how well he'd done.
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Seizure Savior
Aidan Jackson, a 17 year-old from the UK, suffered a horrible seizure while talking to an online gaming friend named Dia Lathora. Dia was literally thousands of miles away from Aidan, in Texas, but he was a quick thinker and was able to reach emergency services. Dia also alerted Aidan's parents about the seizure, thus saving his life.
Planets Discovered By You
Yale might not be known for inclusivity, but that all changed when a few scientists there created a web browser called Planet Hunters. The theory is that by funneling the energy and curiosity of gamers into space exploration,  we can expand our knowledge of the solar system in a fun way. Also, by crowd sourcing data collection to the public, we add hundreds of thousands of citizen scientists to identify planet transit signal.
12-Year-Old Vs. Wild Moose
Here's a life-saving story of a little kid who used his knowledge to save his baby sister from a wild animal. The 12-year-old Norwegian boy, Hans Olsen, saved his ten-year-old sister by diverting the moose's focus using an aggro technique he learned while playing WoW. He then used another WoW technique doing an impression of a possum to scare the moose. Hans was declared a hero soon after and helped show the world gaming does provide us with useful life skills.
Saved From Fire
A man named Robert Chambers was once playing the game Evony when a fire broke out in his home. Robert had muscular dystrophy, which made getting to the phone to call for help impossible. Luckily, he was able to ask his online friends for help and they swiftly made sure Robert had assistance on the way.
Surprising Charity
Don't judge a book by its cover! You might miss an incredible resource. For example, when we think of charities, it's easy to overlook the gaming community. But to do so would ignore the fact that Twitch (the largest streaming platform in the world) raised $145 million for charity and is currently raising more.
From Homeless To Hopeful
Maybe you've heard the story of Ryan Hart, whose family was evicted from their home in England when he was 18 years old. He was forced to live on the streets where he began to frequent arcades and "lean on games a bit more, as a way to escape." Miraculously, Ryan became a famous gamer when he discovered Street Fighter 2, with multiple Guinness World records and hundreds of championships under his name.
Saved by Counter-Strike
Jose Darwin Graviano was only 12-years-old and living in the Philippines when he saved lives because of his gaming knowledge. Jose was a dedicated Counter-Strike player, so when he came across a field of grenades he knew just what to do. As his friends started investigating the grenades, Jose notified the authorities and convinced his friends to bounce.
Grand Theft Auto Savior
Charley Cullen was an 11-year-old when his grandfather blacked out while driving. Charley was able to use his in-game Grand Theft Auto knowledge to take control of the wheel and save his grandpa (and himself!) from a terrible accident.
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