Awesome Side Characters From Rockstar Games That Need Their Own Spinoffs

Rockstar has created some of the most intricate and interesting characters of all time. In fact, most of the secondary characters in a Rockstar game are so well-rounded that fans want to know more about them. This curiosity is even more compounded with the cross-narrative storytelling Rockstar uses. It allows players to play the same missions but from an alternate perspective, thus making players even more attached to characters. In other words, with a universe this well-connected and perfectly written, there are plenty of characters who we’d love to see having a spin-off of their own. 
Landon Ricketts
Landon Ricketts is on the run from his past. In his youth, he was a gun-slinging baddie...but now he's just trying to live out the rest of his life in Mexico. But if you thought retirement meant Ricketts is going to leave John Marston out to dry on his own, then think again! Ricketts agrees to help because he's a real deal cowboy and that in itself makes him deserving of a spin-off of his own.
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Little Jacob
Little Jacob's the head of the Hillside Posse, but he doesn't let that go to his head. In fact, when Niko first moved to America, LJ was his first friend! Yes, Little Jacob is bad news and he's always getting you involved in something illegal. But his Jamaican accent and philosophy on life make him one of the best people to hang with. But the real reason he deserves a spin-off is because he doesn't constantly ask you to go bowling like every other character.
Algie, full name Algernon Papadopoulos, is that kid at school who is bullied the worst. And while it's kind of sweet how he asks your player character, Jimmy, to protect him all the time, it's also really sad. Yes, Algie is annoying, but he's also really sweet. He would be the perfect character to follow more closely for his comedy quips alone.
Rusty Galloway
What in the heck happened to poor Rusty Galloway? We know he grew up as an alter boy, had three failed marriages and drinks a lot. It's obvious his fast-talking, noir detective bit covers a lot of pain. We know Rusty's seen a lot as a cop and a spin-off would help us know exactly what that entails.
As a young man, Uncle ran from the country to the city. Why? What was he running from? In Uncle's current life, all he does is get called lazy.  But what was he like in his youth? We want to know his past and it would be so fun to play a farming simulator in his spin-off.
Officer Frank Tenpenny
Officer Frank Tenpenny is voiced by actor Samuel L. Jackson, which is reason enough for a spin-off on its own. But Officer Frank also offers nuance in story because he has ties with the Balla gang and abuses his power. And while Frank is corrupt and manipulative, he's also blessed with amazing dialogue and actions. But the most interesting reason to give Officer Frank a spin-off is that he sheds light on the other side of crime in the GTA universe — those with legal authority.
Wade Herbert
Wade is an innocent, naive Juggalo who can be convinced to do almost anything. He's clumsy and has a deep love of exploring trailer parks with his friends. These traits all compile together to create one of the oddest characters in GTA history and we want more.
Charles Smith
Charles has spent his whole life on the run and has never felt like he really belongs anywhere. Relatable! While Charles Smith is quiet and reserved he's also extremely competent in everything he does. Also, he's virtually unbeatable in a fight. Extremely principled, he struggles in a world that does not seem to value such ideals and we would love to see what decisions he'd make in his own spin-off. 
Saddie Adler
Saddie, a widow, is part of the Van der Linde Gang and is obsessed with getting revenge on her husband's killer. She grew up in the mountains and can ride, hunt, and shoot with the best of them. Sadie isn't afraid of anyone and it's cool to see a woman character kick so much ass. Her own spin-off would be amazing.
Hosea Mathews
In his early years, Matthews was a stage actor with dreams of being a comedian, although he later became an outlaw (which is probably easier). Hosea literally survived a hanging and has seen it all. He tends to favor peaceful methods of making money, which is why we want to see what all he has cooking.
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