The Definitive Setup For Playing Fallout: New Vegas In 2022

Fallout: New Vegas is known for its in-depth DPG mechanics and incredibly powerful fanbase. This entry in the 'Fallout' series is beloved and is still heavily played to this day. Players have even fixed the game for themselves, incorporating mods and patches to create an experience that truly brings out the best in this title. Below are just some of the ways players can setup New Vegas to be at its best for 2022. 
Where to Begin
In order to setup the best version of the game you will need to buy the Ultimate Edition of New Vegas on Steam. The ultimate edition includes four expansions, all the following mods and add ons are utilized with this specific version of the game.
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You will be able to play New Vegas right away once it is downloaded. However, there are some steps you should take to really optimize your experience. The first being to install the game and run it at least one time. In addition to this, setting up your graphics to the highest setting is recommended. Next you will want to make an account on Nexus Mods. You will need this to access mods and fan patches.
The Essentials
There are three basic options for initial setup mods which will get you fully prepared to play the best possible version of New Vegas. The first being Viva Basic Vegas, a 15 mod package offering very little changes. Its main purpose is to get rid of bugs and give a clean slate for future mods to the game. The next package will be Viva New Vegas, which comes with a total of 43 mods. Every single bug fix is included as well as an overhaul to the game to really bring it up to the standard it should have been upon release. The final option is the Viva Wasted Vegas which includes a whopping 63 mods. This package has major improvements to the game, new loot, content restoration, and more NPCs.
Installing Viva New Vegas
Viva New Vegas is the best available option for players looking for an enriched New Vegas experience. To get it set up, you will have to view the Viva New Vegas instruction page and all the steps will be included. For maximum performance, you’ll have to use the Mod Organizer’s INI Editor function to set your number of CPU cores. If you’ve got an ultrawide or high refresh monitor there’s a couple tweaks you’ll need to make to get those playing nice. When you are ready all you have left to do is run the New Vegas Mod Organizer.
Mods for Hardcore Palyers
If the easy way of modding is not for you, there is a much more difficult option for those who wish to manually install everything they are looking for. To start you will need a mod manager, whether that be the Mod Organizer or Vortex. This is everything you will want to include:

A handy little alternate launcher that lets mods dig deeper under the hood of the rusty old New Vegas roadster, as well as fixing a few deeper software issues. Unpack this to your New Vegas directory.
Further opens up functionality and squashes even more software-level bugs.
Allows New Vegas to use more RAM, is going to be essential for stability and performance, especially if you add more mods. Unpack, run it and point it to your New Vegas EXE.
Largely fixes fundamental software issues with the game. 
Makes it less stuttery and unstable on modern machines, especially at higher refresh rates. 
Known as YUP, fixes countless tiny (and not-so-tiny) bugs with the game itself.
Applies some of the core gameplay tweaks from Viva New Vegas. Uncut Wasteland restores a lot of detail and clutter which won’t tax any modern PC, but had to be axed for lower-end systems and consoles back in the day. 
Adds a lot of wandering NPCs (both friendly and hostile) to the world, making Vegas feel more like the desert cultural hub the game’s lore paints it as.
Fixes some issues by itself, but also gives you a massive list of in-game customization options so you can tailor the experience to your taste. 
Adds a fully customizable suite of new features like animated reticles, hit indicators, and alternate ways to spend Action Points including sprinting, bullet time and holding your breath when sniping. There’s even a handy weapon wheel and a vastly improved quick-loot menu. 
Additional Mods
If you are hoping to boost some of the essential graphics you will want to include the NMCs Texture Pack and the Legacy Reborn Texture Pack. In addition, adding the Brave New World includes a wider variety of voice actors for the NPCs. Those who want to play an entirely different campaign in this world will need to download the Fallout: New California expansion and mod.
Tips and Tricks
When playing in Viva New Vegas you will want to enable the Wild Wasteland mode separately from any other option. This will give you access to some rather silly easter eggs and alien encounters. You will also want to start the game using Goodsprings as a safe haven. This is a good area to get rest and load up on necessary resources.
More Tips and Tricks
Keep away from Cazadors. New players simply will not be ready to take on this enemy. Low level characters are prone to immediately getting killed and the best thing you can do is avoid them altogether until you are ready to take on such a challenge.
Even More Tips and Tricks
New players will want to get around Death Claws, which happen to be easier to get around due to their size. Enough explosives and the right ammo could give you an advantage, but it is probably best to upgrade ahead of time. The types of ammo you use is also important as well. It is worth taking time to invest in the Repair Skill since this will really help you in the future.
See the Sights
Making friends is a great plus to the game. Viva New Vegas includes a mod where companions do not interrupt combat as much but still are useful to the player throughout the game. You should also check out the Vegas Strip proper where some of the greatest plot elements and details in the game can be seen. Spend a lot of time here investigating and getting familiar with the numerous characters. It will be worth your time.
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