Games On Switch You Should Play If You Like PUBG

 "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds," otherwise known as PUBG, is a game that can best be described as an online multiplayer battle Royale. PUBG players often write off the Nintendo Switch because, historically, people who love PUBG appreciate the open-world survival, competitive environments and the realistic combat strategies - and Switch isn't particularly known for that. But for those feeling adventurous enough to wander outside the PUBG universe, try one of the following game suggestions from the Nintendo Switch for some fun twists on a game you love. 
Doom Eternal
This action-shooter game is the longest-running game of its type. In fact, it is still releasing new titles literally decades after it first came out.  Doom Eternal is a game with incredible weapons, swift movements, a surplus of upgrades, and some very scary locations to blast your way through.
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There is no doubt that this game is something entirely unique. Ninjala is a third-person multiplayer game that has players live in a world of wacky, cartoon-like characters. Original ideas are added to every facet of this game, including gum-based weapons. The game is also fast-paced and exciting. The game emphasizes quick attacks and even quicker defenses. 
Apex Legends
Apex Legends is a shooter game that offers dynamic story and amazing scenery. It also offers a fun twist on the battle royale formula and has incredibly original characters to boot. 
Tetris 99
Puzzle games are known as methodical and slow. Not so with Tetris 99! This game combines opponents with competition and provides a fast-paced experience. Sure, it's never going to be as energetic as a first-person shooter game but that doesn't mean your heart isn't going to race once you reach the final 10.
MineCraft allows players to explore randomly generated worlds and are encouraged to make everything from homes to castles. They even have "creative mode" with unlimited resources if you're feeling feisty or "survival mode" if you need some adrenaline.
Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise is a medieval action game. Not only does this game boast an immersive item and equipment system, it also has several distinct quests. The game isn't very spontaneous. So much so that winning requires advanced planning. But what this game lacks in spontaneous decisions, it makes up for in unique ideas. For example, "loot" comes in the form of various monster parts.
Enter The Gungeon
This bullet-hell roguelike game is pure originality. It takes place in a shape-shifting dungeon located on planet Gunymede. Enter The Gungeon starts you off looking for more weapons, health items, and useful items to help you take down the evil bosses. Just remember, when you descend into the Gungeon, most of the normal rules of gaming need not apply.
Super Meat Boy Forever
We know it's an odd recommendation. After all, this game operates on a single player platform and that isn't what fans of PUBG want. Well, hear us out. The gameplay loop in Super Meat Boy Forever is actually very similar to PUBG. It quickly restarts when you fail and, much like traditional battle royale games, you will die a lot.  The quickness in which it gets you back going is a beautiful thing.
Overwatch is an action game that has a diverse cast of powerful heroes. The game offers a competitive multiplayer experience and unlike Fortnite, Overwatch’s gameplay doesn’t rely on building structures or comical aesthetics. It might seem like a stretch to PUBG fans, but it's the most realistic shooter game you will get on the Switch.
The Long Dark
The Long Dark is a single person survival game, true. But any PUBG super-fan  likes games with a massive environment and spread targets to focus upon! The game makes you a plane crash victim in a frozen forest who needs food, firewood, and protection from other animals. 
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