The Best Heavy Weapons In Tiny Tina's Wonderland Ranked

Tiny Teena's Wonderlands is chaotic and destructive, both of which are almost perfectly summed up in the heavy weapon choices that the game gives you. However, while Borderlands games of the past boast weapons capable of melting evil bosses in seconds, Tiny Tina's Wonderland's weapons are a little more tame. Therefore, we can't claim that the following list of weapons come anywhere close to some of those found in the Borderlands favorites. However, the following list of heavy weapons are TTW's best and still extremely exciting to use. If rocket launchers don't intimidate you, here are some of the best heavy weapons found in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.
10. Ruby's Spite
The Ruby’s Spite is is categorized under something called "Dark Magic" and its the only pistol that fires a series of three crossbolts per-shot.  It might not look like the coolest choice, but where this weapon really stands out is when taking on large bosses and close range enemies. 
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9. Wizard's Pipe
The Wizard's Pipe may look weird, but it also has special abilities capable of summoning elemental orbs. These orbs fire out of the gun and correspond to the weakness of the current enemy you happen to be shooting. As you can imagine, this makes it an extremely reliable mobbing and bossing weapon.
8. Epitaph
The Epitaph heavy weapon is unarguably boring in its standard launch mode. It's a pretty average missile projectile that simply explodes on impact. But remember, TTW includes "The Big Boy" mode. The big boy mode takes the Epitaph from zero to hero, and makes it fire a homing missile that explodes when it finds an enemy.
7. Bootknocker
There is a "Sticky Bomb" feature to this weapon that's amazing. Firing the Bootknocker in this mode launches three sticky bombs that will stick to the nearest target and eventually explode. But beware! If you stand too close to said bomb, it can explode and damage you as well. 
6. Moleman
The Moleman heavy weapon performs exactly as described. It fires a missile that buries itself into the ground, continuing in a straight line until it finds a target, exploding on impact. No one ever sees this one coming. 
5. Lodgebuster
The Lodgebuster can come through in a crunch. First, this weapon has "Sticky Mode" which allows players to fire sticky bombs at enemies. However, since this weapon is not a Legendary there is no dedicated drop area, so farming the "barf bunnies" after completing a Chaos Chamber run is the best place to get it.
4. Bedlam
The Bedlam is like a quilt of weapons and what to reach for when you need the following things: a rocket launcher, an SMG, and a chainsaw. The Bedlam spits vertical chainsaws that bounce until they strike a target. The extra cool news is that it never needs to be reloaded. It will keep firing until the gun overheats.
3. Cannonballer
The Cannonballer is one of the few Legendary heavy weapons, and it fires cannonballs rather than missiles. When using the first mode, these balls will bounce until they explode. However, in the "triple shot mode", it will fire three cannonballs for the price of one. 
2. Delugeon
The Dulugeon is a heavy weapon with a very interesting concept. Firing it essentially "soaks" an enemy (like a water-gun), leaving them covered in a flammable substance. If you then hit your enemy with fire from the gun's Lightning Twister Rocket mode, the lightning will interact with the "soaked" effect to do extreme damage. Yay!
1. Blue Cake
Yes, this is essentially the same weapon from Borderlands 3 but called Yellow Cake. The only difference is the Blue Cake isn't quite as powerful and cannot chew through a boss in a matter of seconds. BUT it can evaporate smaller, squishier enemies. At the right range, it has the potential to one-shot mobs. 
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