The Absolute Worst (But Best) Video Game Endings

When a game has more than one ending, there will always be one option that is considered the "bad" one. But the "bad" label doesn't necessarily mean bad quality. It can just as easily mean the "emotional aftertaste" left in your mouth upon the game's completion. While sometimes these havoc inducing endings are earned through poor game choices or morally bankrupt decisions, there are some games that punish you no matter how "perfectly" you play. But what's even weirder is that, in these games, we kinda like it! 
10. Life Is Strange
It's clear that Life is Strange protagonist, Max, is in way over her head. But nothing could prepare players for the fact that no matter what you do or where you go, the ending of Life Is Strange is going to give you depression. When you go back in time to fix something, something worse will inevitably happen. In the end, you are faced with an impossible decision and no matter what you chose, you’re going to cry. But the layers of emotion and nuance make the "bad" come with a heaping pile of good.
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9. To The Moon
A lot of players think John is going to snap out of it at the end of To The Moon and realize the truth. But in a turn of bittersweetness, he does not. Additionally, the writing and music in this game are extraordinary and already have players primed for an emotional breakdown. So when this story ends on what it means to be human - broken dreams and feeble human flaws - we feel it to our bones.
8. Red Dead Redemption
It's easy for protagonist John Marstonfeel to pretty cocky after killing the bad guy in Red Dead Redemption. But his glow-up is thrown into turmoil in the game’s last moments when a group of traitorous lawmen show up and gun him down. It’s a shocking, yet fully beautiful moment in gaming that fully takes you by surprise.
7. Last Day Of June
Quick question: Is saving your loved ones, to the detriment of others, a noble pursuit or is it a purely selfish act? Your answer to that question is what determines the ending of Last Day Of June.  As you can imagine, there isn't really a simple way to wrap it up in a bow. Much like life, Last Day Of June does a great job of having you live with the consequences of your actions. 
6. The Cat Lady
The main character in The Cat Lady suffers from suicidal depression so a totally "happy ending" isn't in the cards. While there's different levels of happiness or despair, Susan finds in the end you will never shake the feeling that she's "not okay." Which sucks for Susan, but leaves players with an externalized place to keep their own depression.
5. Grand Theft Auto 5
Franklin, Trevor, and Michael are the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 5, and while they've made plenty of enemies, they are still dear to our hearts. While there is no world in which things are going to "end well" for our little villains, most endings in this game are beautiful weavings of justice, karma... and sometimes even irony. 
4. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
This game casts you as Darth Vader's apprentice, Starkiller, which seems like a great name and job. But Starkiller and Vader's relationship quickly deteriorates and the two characters duel, with Starkiller getting the victory. If player's follow The Emperor's commands to kill Vader, then they will receive the "bad" ending and face the consequences.  However, the cool part comes when Palpatine rebuilds Starkiller in the likeness of what he did to Anakin to create Darth Vader. It's a full circle ending, but Starkiller is still going to need to find another job.
3. Earthworm Jim Special Edition
When you beat Earthworm Jim Special Edition on the easiest difficulty (aka practice) you get the faux bad ending. This initially looks like a wall of scrolling text that roasts you for playing the easiest setting. But after mocking you, the text shifts gears and becomes a voiceover who starts to talk about worms- but like really talk, like worms are the most interesting subjects on the planet. It's such a funny and surprising ending that "bad" is no longer a word that can describe it. 
2. Metal Gear Solid
A mini-game is your only chance at survival when protagonist Solid Snake is captured and tortured by Ocelot. Giving up on said mini-game earns you the "bad ending" of Metal Gear Solid. The consequence of losing is quite severe...your love interest Meryl is killed. But when one door closes another door opens, and Otacon appears to give a speech on loss and the power of pushing through. Then the two escape Shadow Moses together JUST LIKE Snake did with Meryl in the canon conclusion.
1. The Outer Worlds
The ending of The Outer World's deals with hubris and bad decision making. Essentially, the "bad" ending has you choosing the wrong flight path for a group of colonists living on a ship (ironically named Hope.) The destination you choose doesn't particularly matter as none of you will ever make it there anyway. Instead, you'll kill everyone on board including yourself. But not before a message comes though making fun of you. It's a dark but hilarious way to end the game.
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