These Peel-Off Ditto Pokemon Cards Are Blowing Peoples' Minds
Ditto has always been one of the more engaging Pokemon. It only has the ability to transform into its opponent, perfectly taking the form of whatever's in front of it. That is, unless of course, you count the Ditto from the original anime that could transform nearly perfectly with the exception being its dots-and-line face. Now, collectors are obsessing over Ditto all over again thanks to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. A new Ditto variation is available, and it will make you want to hit up your local Target to get it as soon as you can.
Pac-Man Is Coming to Fortnite!
Fortnite has been going through a blitz of special promotions as of late. It seems as though every company under the sky wants to get in on the mayhem, and icons from the 1980s aren't immune. In addition to RoboCop entering the fray, sources indicate that the perennial fixture of arcades — Pac-Man — is also set to enter the fight in some capacity.
This New Steam Game Already Has Over 500k Players In Early Access
On May 17th, an indie title called V Rising was released on Steam in early access. The game is a vampire survival game with crafting and base-building elements. On Steam, the game currently has an 87% ‘very positive’ rating and has over 500,000 players. A very impressive milestone and a testament to how polished the game is, considering the lack of marketing. As of May 23rd, the peak concurrent player count has reached 150,645. The game has drawn similarities to last year’s Valheim, a small viking-themed survival game that similarly grew in popularity by word of mouth alone. The main theme in V Rising is Vampires, but it still has the elements that people love about survival games - namely PvE, PvP, and - according to steam reviews - a really satisfying loot system.
This Zelda-Inspired Indie Game Looks Amazing
In 2019 Nintendo went and Nintendo’d everyone by releasing a game that absolutely no one expected: this game was of course the remaster of 1993's The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Developed by Grezza, the remaster was styled in a toy-like aesthetic, with Koholint Island showing a diorama-like design. Now indie game Mysplaced is trying the look out for itself.
Skyrim Anniversay Edition Is Coming to the Switch
Last year, the Skyrim Anniversary Edition was released on Playstation, Xbox, and PC. This year, due to the game being rated for Switch, it seems that Anniversary Edition will be released on the Nintendo console. The 10th Anniversary Edition Switch rating was leaked by the Taiwanese game rating board. A screenshot was taken before the rating was taken down. There is no official news from Nintendo or Bethesda. However, this does seem likely since Skyrim can already run on the Switch, and Bethesda will sell Skyrim on as many consoles as they can.
The Canceled Original Sonic Movie Design Is in the New Chip and Dale Movie
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers was released today, and the general consensus is surprisingly positive. Currently sitting at 79% from critics and 87% from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie is streaming on Disney+ and has plenty of recognizable characters from iconic Disney IP. An older Peter Pan plays one of the main antagonists, Baloo from the Jungle Book makes an appearance, and there are plenty of other characters that are not owned by Disney. There's Tigra, Batman, E.T., and Sonic the Hedgehog. But it's not the Sonic you saw in theaters recently.
System of a Down Frontman to Provide Music for Upcoming First-Person Shooter
Don't hold your breath for a new System of a Down album coming out any time soon. However, you can at least enjoy some new music courtesy of the band's lead singer, Serj Tankien. The frontman, who's released a good deal of music outside of the iconic metal band, will now contribute a track to the upcoming first-person shooter Metal: Hellsinger. The new track is titled "No Tomorrow," and you can get an earful of his instantly recognizable voice with a new trailer. Plus, Tankien isn't the only metalhead lending some new tunes to the game.